#LostGirl: Season 05, Episode 08, End of Faes

If my last few reviews have sounded like I’m suggesting a bunch of theories and am wholly unsure what’s going to stick; well, yeah. Especially since the end of Season 3, there’s no true predicting where the show could be going, because it could be anywhere. Commenting on one episode’s symbolism and metaphors and what characters have actually done is one thing, but trying to figure out where the sum of the parts is going – especially when sometimes it takes a season and a half to explain something like that glowing handprint, and even then it feels as if they weren’t quite positive where it was going when it was introduced – well, it’s a bit of a fool’s errand. With that said, I’m going a little different direction with this, the last review before the break.

Open mid-girlfiiiiiiiiight, on the stairwell which supposedly goes to Bo’s room but obviously goes nowhere. (Or to where crafty is staged, maybe.) The Artemis candle flickers ominously and unnoticed by Bo, who keeps blowing the damned thing out and not noticing it lights itself. Tamsin tells Bo that Bo can’t love anyone but Lauren, because the fact a person/Bo can love more than one person at a time while simply not being in love with a particular person/Valkyrie, has obviously not occurred to anyone involved.

Tamsin storms off after announcing “I’m angry and heartbroken and going to Motel 6 because they leave the light on for me. Oh by the way here’s some mysterious letter with an archaic waxen seal bearing the mysterious symbol we’ve been looking for mkaybyenow!”

I was a little disappointed when the last line didn't rhyme

Meanwhile, back at the Dal, everyone else received a waxen-sealed invitation except Vex. Vex doesn’t have much time to mope because he’s busy being all protective of his wanna-be Boy Toy. I believe the ship name is ‘Pupex.’

Arriving at the party, Lauren “Buzzkill” Lewis, aka Lauren “You Should Probably Actually Listen to Me” Lewis, continually tells everyone in the elevator that the party is probably a trap. Really, the elevator itself could be a trap, but then that would be the plot of a different thing with Zoie Palmer in it.

Anyone have an idea about the significance of the elevator art?

They arrive at the trap and surprise! It is a trap. But the trap takes its time, the better to spend the first little while on various chats.

Bo tells Lauren ‘there will always be a reason for us not to be together,’ neglecting to mention that most of the reasons lately have been mysterious and artificially constructed by gods, aka the writers. Dyson and Hera posture like roosters and preen like peacocks and exchange some clunky dialogue loaded with multiple reminders Dyson is a wolf shifter. Boy Toy panics at things like ‘parents telling us what to do’ and nerdy explanations, which in after-school specials usually means something bad will happen to him. Various characters talk about the euphemistic clam dip. Lauren whips out a syringe to solve a problem; take a shot! 

'Bug spray . . . but with a needle because that's obviously more horrifying.'

I admittedly am not the most fashion-knowledgeable reviewer. But I do have Opinions, and I don’t like many of these dresses. I revise. I liked parts of most of them, but there was so much . . . bling, and arm-wrapping, and flesh-toned material in all the places. Just show more skin. Better yet, just dress e’rrybody in suits.

Finally, things start to happen. Zee reveals “Thē is a She”, makes the Odin connection (a god by any other name), calls out the patriarchy, and offers Bo and Trick some punch spiked with eyes and who knows what else. Having learned nothing from four and a half seasons including Lauren testing Bo’s drink for Fae roofies just a few scenes ago, Bo and Trick not only drink the punch, but immediately buy into the resulting vision and what Zee says the vision means.

Several Indiana Jones nods in this episode.

In what has to be one of the poorest word choices, Bo then announces it’s time to “divorce daddy.” Maybe this writer believes alliteration is practically a theological necessity, but just . . . no. Coupled with the closing idea that ‘when Bo opens her box, father dearest comes out,’ there’s enough Freudian analysis and Oedipal / incestuous weirdness to keep a psychology major occupied for weeks.

Decision rashly made, Zee tells Bo to choose an instrument from the Big Table o’ Weapons, and Zee will use that instrument to carve the glowing handprint out of Bo’s chest area. Why it needs to be Zee, why the rust on the obviously unsterile knife doesn’t bother anyone (counting on sexual healing to cure gangrene, maybe?), and why nobody utters the line “There’s a shortage of perfect breasts in the world, it would be a pity to ruin yours,” is all anybody’s guess.

Practically every frame of this scene screams PHALLIC OBJECT ALERT!

Meanwhile, Tamsin and Lauren tie up Hera as collateral, then sit around and process stuff. Rather than either torture Hera (which I was voting for, because I thought that moral gray area would be nice) or put those restraints to better use, they have a little heart-to-heart about Tamsin acknowledging Lauren and Bo are a thing and she’s . . . not.

Whether it’s Tamsin’s minor Fatal Attraction moment, or just that most old gods are terrible liars, Hera’s inability to keep a straight face about the restraints reveals to Lauren and Tamsin that Iris is a Big Bad. And only NOW does the highly suspect rusty-knifed ceremony grinds to a halt, as everyone goes looking for Mark and Iris.

Dude. You threw off my groove.

After having sex, Iris goes and killed her vessel’s dad, who realized she’s not his daughter. Alycia didn’t notice her husband was different for days, this guy notices in seconds. Convenient. Or, maybe he just isn’t a moron. Or, maybe he watches a lot of horror movies. Whatever, he’s dead. Mom appears to stab Mark and sob over the body, but not speak any lines, because extras who speak lines get paid more.

A bleeding Mark runs off, and his first call is to Vex (one two three: aaaaaaaw), but he is in a bad way. Gut-stabbed is bad, but Rules of Genre TV dictate shifting would somehow – despite being completely implausible as a solution – help solve the problem, especially as Vex made a point earlier that Mark hadn’t shifted yet. So next episode, Mark shifts into a . . . something with blood-clotting properties, maybe.

These outdoor scenes are a nice, bright relief from the yellow tones in all indoor scenes.

Meanwhile, Iris is on the run. A Canadian cop tries to be helpful and friendly – which I, being American, assume is basically their job description – and gets killed for his trouble. Let that be a lesson!

Tamsin and Zee have a bit of a chat, wherein Tamsin acknowledges she knows exactly how Zee killed Cassie, but that she can fly, so ha. Tamsin’s cockiness has never been her strongest suit, and here she literally gets zapped for it. My money is on her still being alive, because her death couldn’t be that anticlimactic . . . Right?

Speaking of anticlimactic; we get an “Oh boy, yes,” from Lauren, but do not get even so much as a kiss between Lauren and Bo. Instead of taking all of five seconds for a by-now-traditional Finale Kiss, Bo leaves to go draw more parallels between herself and a recurring character. Inevitably, she touches Iris and gets her hand all gross. “Kids, in this episode, Bo learns that the ethics of consent extend to unwanted touching.”

Pictured: exactly what unwanted touching should result in.

Bo deciphers Hades has sent her the jack-in-the-box to help fight Iris. “Unless the box is a metaphor,” Trick ponders. Sexual innuendo plus a meta joke about how often things on this show (all genre shows) are metaphors, etc.? Yes, please.

After a gratuitous cat fight and declarations about Zee wanting her box, Bo has a cryptic vision of her father saying things (“Our power will decide the fate of this world.” “Sometimes the greatest evil is the greatest mercy.”) loaded with veiled meaning. Bo then opens the box, which apparently contains a high-powered tanning bed.

My hope is that the box/light/Hades destroys the Ancients, and the next eight episodes are about Bo having sexcapades. There’s even an empty penthouse set available! 

Prediction: this shield will come back into play.

Actual Thoughts

Last episode it took Eros to get over the writers’ artificially stalling Lauren and Bo after the 4.13 declaration. It’s felt as though said writers have been trying to have Doccubus cake and eating it too. And now Lauren gives Bo the whole “Oh boy, yes” go-ahead signal . . . except they already gave it, and then spent the last eight episodes spinning their wheels, so why should we believe them? Instead of crying ‘wolf,’ they’re crying ‘I choose you!’ It’s like they think the important tension is “Bo trying to decide what/who she wants,” while ignoring the part where Bo acting as well as talking about everything [granted, something better facilitated with the presence of Kenzi, a best friend / neutral third party] with her various partners is relevant and can be incredibly interesting. I had a whole conversation with someone who said they think the writers did all this wheel-spinning because they wanted to follow the Tamsin plotline. Maybe that’s true. But, they still could have done both. They didn’t have to be mutually exclusive. 

Last week’s episode had too much going on, and this episode not quite enough. It needed a B plot. Its A plot didn’t really go in a straight line, either, but was mostly quite arbitrary.

“There are those far more wicked than I upon this Earth” suggests Hades is the lesser of two or three evils, the greater being the Ancients or maybe just the Chaos. For a show making such a Big Deal the first two seasons about Light and Dark all being bad, it fits, and would be a welcome conundrum.

“Victory over night” seems to suggest the darkness, specifically that’s coming out of Iris. Maybe she is Eris, after all? Or is the chaos a different entity which is residing inside her? And how did it get there? Was this chaos part of her deal all along, or implanted in her? Do the other Ancients also need to help defeat Iris? They were chaining her up and gave her the bracelet because they were afraid of her . . . not positive why a millennium-old god would suddenly not realize she was super-powerful.Using a childlike body doesn’t necessarily mean the god is a child. Iris should have known better, right? Unless the chaos-indwelling is a new thing. Maybe the Chaos came with the bracelet, which came with shrouding Iris’ knowledge of power from herself. 

Bo’s blood is ‘the light,’ which interests me in a couple ways. First, having grown up specifically and quite religious, the emphasis on blood as means of redemption and salvations jump out. I could talk your ear off about why that’s relevant, why Christian religions which claim to be peaceful so relish the details of Passover and fixate on the crucifixion torture, etc., but that’s another story. If blood is the key, and there’s so much concentration on 1. people who have Bo’s blood in their veins 2. the Darkness coming, and needing to be vanquished, than it’s quite possible there needs to be some sacrifice, blood spilled, collective bloodshed, something, to conquer Iris/Chaos/darkness.

The “only family can destroy them” must be important, especially with Lost Girl‘s emphasis on blood family not necessarily being your ‘true family’. Bo making the realization ‘MY family can destroy them, but you [Hades] aren’t my family . . .” to cap the series off would be in keeping with several thmes, and suggests Kenzi’s return, too. And man, is this show missing Kenzi.

My theory on all the different music boxes on the mantle is they contain souls, kind of like it seems the jack-in-the-box contains Hades. Play the tune to completion, souls are released. Also could be a callback to “Midnight Lamp.”

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 5.40.37 PM

Stray Observations

– Even more thanks than usual this week to my viewing partners C, D, and E. 

– Bo’s “first time for everything” reply to Zee’s complaint “ You can’t leave, I’m not finished,” acknowledges Bo doesn’t leave her lovers without giving them a turn. Thatagirl.

– Thanks for hanging with this somewhat unusual review. As always, the comments section will remain open. I’ll be picking back up when Lost Girl returns from break, but looking for some other shows to review in the meantime, including an overview of Elementary‘s gender swapping and modernizing of certain plotlines, and some more things on Orphan Black

20 Responses to “#LostGirl: Season 05, Episode 08, End of Faes”
  1. bo dennis says:

    really??? game of thrones isn’t as complicated. since when did this show become all about the mythology and less about the relationships??? my head is spinning just from reading your review.

    • Melanie says:

      This is somewhat conjecture, but the biggest problem is the current writer’s room is trying to retcon / work in / fix / continue lots of threads that were started last season and some even earlier (the glowing handprint; Bo’s daddy issues; Trick’s past; Tamsin’s mission to . . . deliver Bo, or something; plus all the relationship stuff; plus Rainer, but thankfully they’ve basically just ignored that whole thing), some by writers who aren’t even around and more and some plotlines which may have had no clear endpoint, or the endpoint needed to be reworked when they split the Wanderer/Hades/Daddy/Rainer plotlines all up. And then all this while also working in gods. It’s definitely a lot.

      I personally think the gods-as-big-bads would work alongside a case-of-the-week structure which foregrounded Bo trying to Live The Life She Choses and also have sex/relationships, but the whole thing has spent the past season and a half or so adding complexity which has snowballed out of control.

  2. Sally says:

    In my confirmation class, we called it “crucifixation.”

  3. Tristen says:

    I hated the gowns all the ladies were wearing. Fashion design reality show rejects.

    The plot wasn’t great. I’m loving Zeus.

    Lost Girls problems for the last couple of years is they end the season on one note but they don’t follow through with it the following season. Who the Wonderer was SUPPOSED to be at the end of season 3 was obviouly scrapped when they wrote season 4. Bo and Lauren’s kiss at the end of season 4 meant they were back together, but when they wrote season 5 they decided to delay the couple coming back together. I have to say … Their reunion as a couple in this episode was very anti climatic.


    • Melanie says:

      Zeus is having a blast, as is the actress playing her, and I think that vibe carries the character along. She reminds me a bit of Glory from Buffy, though I admit the propensity to wear red and act a bit over-the-top is not hurting the comparison.

      Yep. And really, the long arc (speaking of Buffy, who did succeed with a lot of longer villainous arcs, including Glory) has never been Lost Girl’s strong suit. Which would be fine if they’d kept their story Bo-centric, self-contained the seasons, scaled back things like the Wanderer, etc. Definitely part of the problem is as you say, they don’t carry things over well, or they start out one way and then get really muddled. As a result, the wrap-up may either come from nowhere or not really be continuous motivation-wise. I hope the end of S5, since there will be no continuation, can be nice and definitive and clear. (*cough* and involve Kenzi *cough*)

      • Tristen says:

        I want Lauren to be the ultimate hero when the big bad is defeated this time around. Bo has been less then great when fighting the big bads.

  4. chick666 says:

    Oh, that damn dress Zoie Palmer was made to wear! Whatever taste and good judgment may have been promised in the sketch stopped at the waistline.

    Pleats create volume. Pleats that are not inverted create bulk. Excessive fabric makes women look fatter. Empire waistbands make women look thicker around the middle. Combine pleats + excessive fabric + empire waist and the result is “OMG! She’s pregnant!” (Hint: if you have small breasts and want to give the impression that they’re bazoombas: wear a pleated top.)

    The only insult that no actress has been forced to wear is a dress with wide, horizontal stripes. (I should shut up because there’s still 8 more episodes to go.)

    • Melanie says:

      See, this is the sort of fashion commentary I can nod along to. I read this and go “pleats + excessive fabric + empire waist = bad. Got it. Makes sense.” But when I’m looking at the dress all I know is “Well, I like the straps, but it looks funny elsewhere. And the lumps seem to be in all the wrong places on that one. And why is that fabric doing that? Did 3D flowers running along the arm go out in the 80s, or was that the 90s? Or maybe the 50s.” I really don’t know my fashion decades.

      So: thank you for the clear words.

      (I shall remember them next time I’m dress shopping.)

  5. alexis says:

    The elevator art looks like the Acropolis to me. The Parthenon was a temple to Athena, though, not Zeus. The Aegis was associated with both of them, but more often with Athena, so I’m wondering if she’s going to make an appearance, or if this is just typical Lost Girl mythology soup.

    • Tristen says:

      I think and am hoping Athena turns out to be an ansestor of Lauren’s.

    • Melanie says:

      I’d like to see what they do with Athena, if she appears. You may be right, it may just be a ‘hey, mythology!’ deal, but I’m guessing we get at least a few more gods for the coming showdown. Thanks for the though (and for reading the mouseovers).

  6. I just played season 2’s Midnight Lamp episode in which Bo and Ryan try to capture an Afreet (a genie) in a music box “lamp”. The music box song is “She’ll becoming ’round the mountain,” — just a few bars and hardly recognizable, but there. How is that for long arc symmetry? Way to go Lost Girl writers!

  7. 3biohazard says:

    Just wanted to throw out there (weeks after the fact, I know) that “Iris” came out and identified herself as Nyx, who is actually the primordial goddess of night. So, Hades’ mention of “defeating the night” could also be taken literally in that sense. I’m not super familiar with Nyx, but she is pretty ancient; possibly older than the Titans, even? In most mythologies, darkness exists before… everything, basically.

    I also noticed that Bo’s dead hand looked a little similar to the repeated drawings of a disembodied hand in Tamsin’s journal (last in Trick’s possession, and it looked like he proceeded to read the whole damn thing–yay creepy and invasive).

    There’s also that whole thing about *Acacia’s* severed hand back in season three–maybe the drawing in Tamsin’s journal was of that, or maybe the severed hand (paired with Bo’s hand now) has a significance that the writers haven’t decided whether or not they want to follow through on. If it’s specifically a reference to Acacia, it also seemed like a potential reference to Tyr, or at least to his use of his hand as collateral when the gods chained Fenrir–maybe that was the assurance Acacia offered to the Wanderer/Pyrippus/Hades that she would bring back Tamsin. Being from the Norse tradition and all.

    And, maybe coincidentally, Trick somehow managed to get ahold of the chain that was used to *bind* Fenrir, if we’re going all the way back to season one. Like you said, it’s kind of useless to speculate, but it’s an interesting potential connection.

    • Sally says:

      And Vex had his hand severed at one point as well.

      I thought that Iris wasn’t Nyx herself, but rather, Nyx was released into her after the chaos of the storm. So she contains Iris, her human vessel Cecilia, and Nyx? (3 in 1.)

  8. takeela74 says:

    Lololol That comment about the candle not going out reminds me of a birthday cake I had once. But I never noticed that Bo didn’t notice.

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