#LostGirl: Season 05, Episode 07, Here Comes the Night

Last week’s episode operated on a slightly larger scale than usual, and this episode opens with one of the biggest set pieces they’ve done. Destroyed cars, more extras, smoke machines, all that sort of thing. They darken the screen and color it green to get across the ‘storm’ idea and bring about the feel of DOOOOOOOOM, but it definitely goes *too* dark.

And that’s pretty much how the whole episode goes. Using a power outage as cover, everything is lit and/or colored in post with hazy greens, dim blues, saturated yellows. One of the prettiest scenes is when Dyson goes to confront our widow/not-widow/widow Alycia, and the house set is lit with candles, Dyson’s face is illuminated, then they wash out Alycia and husband/not husband in soft blue backgrounded with orange candles, but they key is they don’t over-darken or hypersaturate the whole thing. Everything is visible, and everything has a purpose. The foregrounded glass (Checkov’s décor?) isn’t just pretty, it ends up being broken in Hera’s attack.

A little sad this was the lightest and easiest to see scene in the episode.

Hera. We have named names for the main gods now, including committing to Hades as Bo’s father [at least for the moment; no true confirmation yet, but only so much room left for baiting and switching]. It’s a nice moment when Dyson assumes the dude of the trio is Zeus, but she gets to rare back and shout I’M HERA! It’s an assumption we’d probably all make, had we not been behind the scenes for much of the gods’ interactions, and it’s a neat little reminder not to, y’know, assume.

I'm enamored of the angle with the candle playing on the glass, then it exploding.

Meanwhile everything starts getting really sexual, really quickly. I mean, yay bisexual dudes on screen, but that Mark/Vex scene intentionally comes out of nowhere. Then we get all sorts of innuendo comments (“You smell good wet,” “[he] helped find my Fae spot,” “Help me unload again,” “I’ll give you a curve ball”), and people are really, really obviously horny. Mark, Vex, and Evony have ‘horny’ as a character trait, so we get their scenes first to ease us into the idea that everyone’s sex drive has been turned up to 11. Then Dyson hints at willingness to break his own no-human rules. Lauren puts on the slow jams and makes her move. Tamsin is . . .

Well, okay. Tamsin has been puppy-dog-eying Bo for a while, quite obviously headed for heartbreak since a couple episodes ago. There’s probably an element of her being legitimately blind to that, but there’s also a big element that she’s pretty new to this ‘love’ thing in all her lifetimes, and she’s very very new to this whole super-crush thing in this lifetime. She’s somewhat emotionally immature still, and that plays out in two ways. First, Tamsin’s word choice and dialogue have a very adolescent, almost juvenile-writing-in-my-diary-under-the-sheets feel to it. Everyone feels as if their first big love is the love of their life, and she’s making that pretty clear verbally. Dyson and Lauren both see it, and Dyson especially (Kris Holden-Ried does a lot of nice facial work here) tries to kind of buffer it and not let Tamsin be too clingy and over-the-top, but she can hardly help herself. 

Second, because Tamsin is so raw about her feels, we get a really clear contrast with how Bo is treating the whole thing.  If Bo had been taking care to pay attention since Tamsin’s regeneration, she should have seen how Tamsin was acting and what she wanted out of this. But even if Bo hadn’t been really looking, since the beginning of last episode, she has no excuse. Bo’s been made very aware Tamsin is treating this as more than friends-with-benefits. From wearing her heart on her sleeve to calling them “girlfriends,” Tamsin’s done all but wear a neon sign. And Bo’s gotten several looks on her face which are obviously ‘that’s not what this is to me . . . ‘ but she continues kissing Tamsin, sleeping with Tamsin, and not saying anything to Tamsin. When Tamsin tells Bo off for having led her on, and refuses to be patronized or told she’s just confused, I about cheered, because it’s about time somebody did it.

Bo’s never exactly been the most responsible succubus when it comes to delineating exactly what is happening in any given relationship, and this comeupance from Tamsin is something which should have delivered seasons ago. Bo’s proclivity to play fast and loose with peoples’ hearts is often dismissed as her succubus nature; hell, Dyson makes a comment something like that this very episode. But that’s not a good excuse. Bo’s nature is to sleep with all of the people. Fine! Good on her. But if she’s going to share a bed and intimate moments with someone for weeks, let alone someone who’s been obviously into her for a long time and is making romantic gestures and such, Bo needs to be upfront about what she’s after. She hasn’t been. She’s just enjoying it because, well, she enjoys it.

And here is another place we really miss Kenzi, because surely if Kenzi were still in the clubhouse she would take Bo aside and tell her ‘Hey Bo, I know the blood isn’t rushing to your brain, but you’ve got to stop this unicorn-shitting-rainbows act and break it to the poor girl you don’t love her like that.’

And that may not have saved just some heartbreak, but something bigger. Tamsin is still seeking redemption, she’s still unsure where she fits or “what’s wrong with me,” and now she’s been broken pretty badly. Where she’s going to run? To Dyson? Living in her truck? Leaving town? Or maybe, drunk and wandering the streets, she’ll get picked up by the gods. She’s ripe to be manipulated now (a la Faith in Buffy), and she’s got angst and powers to spare and probably not a lot of regard for this last lifetime.

Take a shot every time Skarsten has to cry on cue.

The monster-of-the-week makes that possibility even more likely. Evony went to being ruthless and deliciously evil after having her heart broken by Eros. Yeah, the scorned woman trope is a little old, but being scorned by Eros is a pretty big deal. Being scorned for what went down in the myth books as an Epic Love, while your name is forgotten, also has to sting pretty hard. Evony has obviously never gotten over it, and the resulting plotline here is part of what makes this episode a horror homage, what with: the invisible monster; power outages letting loose evil; Sam’s ravaged body and the tap on his shoulder; sex while in danger; Lauren going looking in the dark room after sex / wearing not much; a mysterious unforeseen ‘thing’ picking off people; Evony offering herself as the bait; etc. At least Lauren and Bo survive their sex, which is both rare in horror and in girl-girl action in genre TV. We also have possessed / dead-body-resurrected lover, and the testing of someone with food to see if they’re the right person (though that is the second time on this show, see: Kenzi and the Peanut Lo Mein, which I’m trademarking as my band name right now). Also, Lauren’s assistants dying is definitely becoming its own trope. RIP, Sam.

They keep the theme of the lab being blue, DA BA DE DA BA DI DA BA DE DA BA DI DA BA DE DA BA DI

But backing up to more important things: Lauren and Bo survive their sex. Their sex. Which somehow took seven episodes to get to. Which . . . why so long? Not only are they both obviously into each other, not only did they have that heart-to-heart at the end of last season, but again, HELLO, BO IS A SUCCUBUS. And other than that one little problem getting it on, she has been having plenty of intercourse. Yet it takes Eros’ presence to make them finally get back in bed together.

Granted, the Eros connection is my interpretation and I’m not sure the text explicitly spells it out like it does so much else (more on that in a second), but I do think there’s plenty to suggest it. Bo has been weird about sleeping with Lauren all season, they’re in the middle of a crisis, they’re in a lab owned by Evony, but suddenly the box was opened (euphemism intended) and wham bam. Lauren puts on some slow tunes, and they’re getting their groove on with no regard for anyone else and no real Processing What This Means And What Has Gone On For The Past Six-and-a-Half-Episodes beforehand. Meanwhile, I think the whole Eros thing should have carried its own episode. It got a bit mixed up here with everyone else having sexual adventures, and also it woefully underdelivered a box which was hyped as a big deal. They could have had a lot of fun with Eros running around for a while.

Besides just power-outage sex, intense situations bring out Lauren’s word-dump about her past. Lauren references “my Karen Beatty days” (resulting in Bo’s declaration she could ‘Karen Beatty all over me’), then spills her guts about not being afraid any more (which  seemed fairly unnecessary, writers dearest; though she’s not into physical confrontation, her actions have made it pretty clear she’s done being afraid since at least mid-way through S2 [ETA: more on that here]), that she’s all about working for herself, and that she wants to make the most of her shorter lifetime and specifically do that with Bo.

Getting that word dump is crucial because we don’t get to see what Lauren’s hallucination/truth would look like*, meaning without it we would be getting insight into all the other main characters but Lauren. Bringing that whole blood thing back around is interesting and one of the few pertinent – as opposed to simply referential – callbacks we’ve gotten this season. Though “Bo’s blood is the light” is a little weird, as is the part where everyone’s hallucinations need to be sexually inclined and involve groping so the seer can be aroused so the Oracles can get near their lips. Isn’t that somewhat backwards? As in, wouldn’t it make sense for the hallucinatory vision to *start* with kissing or . . . you know what, whatever, I’m just rolling with the explanations by this point.

Enjoyed this lighting / fake lightening as well.

Really, thought they spelled out the gods thing, explanations of the A plot remains muddled until near the end. That is by design, as is the order of hallucination revelations (it may seem to come from nowhere, but nobody would totally reject the idea Mark and Vex are down with casual caskroom sex), the better to keep us confused.

Even when it’s clear the Oracles are the ones making everyone exposit their feelings, it remains a touch murky whether the ‘truths for truths’ being shown are objective truths, or truths as the seer thinks. In other words, though these Oracles haven’t been shown with a propensity towards lying, often in myths what an oracle says can be interpreted many ways, though never avoided. Thus, FakeBo and FakeDyson and FakeLauren and FakeIsabeau and FakeMark may be saying not the truth about what Person Being Imitated feels, but what the Viewer Dyson and Bo and Trick and Vex believe/want to be true about RealPerson. This jives with Mark not seeming to have any interest in Vex, and it’s actually a somewhat useful interpretation, as it puts us in that respective Viewer’s headspace. For example, Bo seemed more romantically inclined (if not currently in love, still lustily attracted to) in Dyson’s vision than in her own, so it’s seemingly somewhat subjective.

The basic hallucination device itself is used mainly as misdirection and expository excuse. “BTW Dyson still feels such and such.” “BTW Bo still wants Lauren to be into her.” Supernatural Intervention To Get Feels Into The Open is a big genre trope, and this execution thereof is very on-the-nose, mostly reiterating what we already know or should have been able to deduce from things like acting and more clearly written scripts and (here’s an idea), characters talking to each other about their issues on-screen. However, since the show hasn’t exactly been good at showing people talking about feelings, I suppose I understand the need to show it all twice and clear it up. Mostly kind of clear it up at least. Sort of. Clear as mud.

Ok. Now. Bring on the gods hurling lightening bolts, Tamsin going dark, more Bo sexytimes, Evony chewing scenery, Iris fucking [with] humans, and more. Feel free to add your wishes/projections in the comments. 

True fact: a side effect of viagra can be seeing the world exactly like this scene.

Stray Observations

– *I assumed Lauren was injected with Bo’s blood in 2.22, but I’m not sure it was ever evidenced/confirmed. If the blood is going to come further into play, it may make Lauren immune to something else, later; even if just on a technicality. [ETA: it seems Team Human wasn’t injected at all. That may come into play when Lauren (and Kenzi, if she returns) are immune to or uniquely capable of something upcoming.]

– NOW they play the Psyche myth card? Damnit Lost Girl . . .

– Be honest. Three chained oracles and a god in high heels. You thought that might get kinky, too.

– The transition into the tag was very enjoyable.

– Creepy box opens. Lauren grabs the serum. Bo grabs something vaguely phallic. They don’t see anything, so they OPEN THE DOOR. Has every horror movie ever taught them nothing?

– There was a lot of ADR this episode, just like last. Most of Lauren’s lines in the dance scene, for example.

– That was some very abrupt emotional gear shifting between Cassie’s death and beer pong.

– We heard theoretically-Hades say “don’t be afraid” to Bo. That kind of plays into my theory from last week we’ll have a gods v gods war.

– If the episode were real horror and not just playing with the tropes, basically all the cast would be dead. Ignoring the ‘loves of the lead die’ (because that rules out essentially everyone but Trick and Kenzi, anyways) we have:

The Disposable First Guy (Sam)
The Unsuspecting Wife of Killer (Alycia)
The One Seeking Redemption (Trick, Tamsin)
The Drunk (Vex)
The Smart/Geek (Lauren)
The Over Sexed (Bo, Mark, and Evony)
The Survivor (Dyson: because handsome, white, male, seeing reason with Hera.)

19 Responses to “#LostGirl: Season 05, Episode 07, Here Comes the Night”
  1. I thought team human was not injected with Bo’s blood.

    I agree with the whole review.

    • Melanie says:

      When I checked it seemed Kenzi was; we never see most of it, though. We see Dyson, Hale playing with his arm in the background which insinuates he just got injected, and Vex. I’m wondering if they just weren’t super specific about it, and that would still allow them to kind of ‘retcon’ it now if they need Lauren to be clear of the blood for some reason.

  2. Valkubus Heart says:

    What do you make of the power suddenly coming back/lights turning on right when Tamsin said “Eyes both brown and blue” ?

    • Melanie says:

      I hadn’t assigned any significance to it at the time, but when I rewatched it definitely felt like it could have been a trigger. Perhaps just the ‘power’ Bo holds to combat the storm? Or perhaps an easy way for the writers to end the conversation. I’m not sure, but good catch.

  3. Divine Ms M says:

    I thought Lauren took on Evony’s fae powers when Lauren turned Evony human. I should say, I assumed Lauren did. Just because she acts as if she has been keeping it in safe keeping, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s there. Lauren will probably end up being a super fae.

    • Melanie says:

      Interesting theory, and something they could definitely pull out at any moment but with something to point to for where it came from. I wonder if Dyson would be able to smell the difference?

      • boknrd says:

        I was under the impression that Dyson could smell Fae so if she did change, I think he would have noticed that she smell “different” and would have said something about it.

  4. Penetrator says:

    Thanks as always for the review – some insights that I didn’t think about and food for thought for the day! With regards to Lauren being injected with the blood, it was my understanding that since Lauren and Kenzi were human, and the Garuda fed on Fae, they were not injected with Bo’s blood.

    • Melanie says:

      I didn’t remember the Garuda feeding on Fae part as the reason, either. I tried to skim the episode on Netflix but I didn’t have time to watch the whole thing. Thanks!

  5. ab says:

    Neither Kenzi or Lauren were inject with Bo’s blood. Only the Fae part of the group was.

  6. chick666 says:

    Lauren did not inject herself with Bo’s blood (and Trick was being toyed with by the Garuda so he wasn’t included in the circle that was about to confront the nemesis.) Remember, Vex deliberately threw a tray of vials on the floor, grabbed a syringe with Bo’s blood, and faked injecting himself. When Vex’s arm is broken, Kenzi is wounded, and Vex says “to hell with Bo, etc.”, Lauren realized from his outburst that he had not taken Bo’s blood and was not bound to her. When she forcefully injected him, he got a rush and you saw Val feel the rush, too, and Bo became powerful against the Garuda. At the time it may have seemed like a plot hole that Lauren was not shown injecting herself or that there was no dialog to affirm it; however, this episode resurrected the blood-tie to Bo from 2×22 for a reason and it will involve Lauren’s part in confronting the Ancients.

    Why Eros did not harm Bo and Lauren is obvious: they are two people in love and making love, and Eros was the Greek god of love (the Cupid of the Romans). It would have gone against everything he had stood for to deny them their moment of love.

    You have a major issue with Lauren’s “word-dump” (as you called it), but as this series approaches its last curtain call, it is dotting as many “i’s” and crossing as many “t’s” as possible, and Lauren’s raison d’être is finally getting its due. That “talk” that Bo told Lauren she “owed” her in 1×13 never happened in the three seasons that followed. Well, it’s finally happening — even if in this final season it may be in fits and starts.

    • Melanie says:

      I realize now Lauren hadn’t injected herself; I must have assumed when I watched it, or misremembered in the interim. Or some of both.

      I think the effect of Eros is shown in the sort of ‘it’s about time’-ness of it all. ‘It’ being Bo and Lauren finally sleeping together, again. I made a comment on a different review’s thread that this whole season has felt like writers trying to have their cake and eat it too, what with openly acknowledging the two have feelings for each other, but ignoring the declaration of 4.13 and keeping them at this weird flirting distance. Especially considering, again: Bo being a succubus.

      I suppose it might be redundant to have Eros be given a whole A plot, another full episode of a 16-episode season with cases or external forces which make characters confront their desires or which facilitates some love-making, but I really think it should have been given more room to breathe, and then he could have had an effect on many characters.

      I don’t dislike the word-dump at all; I like it, I think it quite good and about time. Plus, it would be a major imbalance to allow everyone else to see/confront some of their feelings and still keep Lauren in silence. I only think that having her say “I’m not afraid any more” undermines – or maybe ‘ignores’ is a better word – many of the actions she’s taken which have SHOWN that she’s not afraid any more, really starting with her throwing her folders and storming at Lachlan, she’s been headed this way. Confronting power verbally and in action. Making an enemy of some of the most powerful murderers, Fae and human alike, in her circles (both Taft and Evony still could have killed her after she Fae’d and de-Fae’d them). Physically throwing herself at various dangers, albeit sometimes to humorous effect. Being the boss at a Dark-owned clinic and still not taking any crap. Learning to use throwing stars. All this has shown her shedding the sort of trepidation she had in S1 and the beginning of S2 [not that her character wasn’t showing strength in other ways, but she was definitely not this sort of confrontative]. Maybe if she had re-iterated that, “I’m not afraid like I used to be” or something, but the line read to me as if the writers were saying this was something ‘new,’ like this episode is her flipping a switch. It’s not new. Maybe that’s nitpicking, but that bit is what I’m getting at being “fairly unnecessary,” not the word dump in general.

  7. chick666 says:

    Lauren: Dyson, I’m scared.
    Dyson: Lauren, I don’t know if you’re the best rival or worst, but I know this, you are smart and you are resourceful. So whatever needs to get done, you do it. Because right now you’re on your own. – 4×02

    In 4×13, when Bo warned Lauren that the Fae would be coming for her and she defiantly responded, “Yeah? Let ’em try.”, it was more than just a revelation — it was a liberation. Perhaps what may have flown over heads is that until 4×13 Lauren *had* been living in fear, yet still continued to do whatever it took to survive and push back against that silent fear.

  8. ecoody says:

    So, can you give me a free film lesson on what was going on with the colors in “Here Comes the Night”? You mention the extra dark opening that made me squint funny, max out my brightness and sit in a dark room. First, I’d like to know how this was done, particularly the opening. The, I want to know how it can go wrong. Because I think it went wrong. Some of it was artistically beautiful, but too much was just technically not right for tv. I mean, right? Tell me things.

    Also, RIP Cassie. 😦

    • Melanie says:

      Sorry for the very belated reply; a short, somewhat simplified answer: When you shoot things which are dark, you still need to light them. You do this to provide contrast, give you room to play with it in post (you can always go darker when you colour, but if you try to lighten blacks in post, it’ll immediately go grainy], and just basically make sure you can see details. It’s actually incredibly difficult to do dark, well.

      The discussion here is more towards background/foreground contrast (he’s also talking about 1. productions with a lot of money and 2. mostly film), but he says some great things about what makes blacks and dark shots work, too:

      You can go dark. You can even go REALLY dark (same guy, Art Adams, has a great post where he talks about how the more experienced DPs tend to include a lost more black within the frame, but I can’t find that specific post offhand), but you need to have a good reason, and you need to do it in a specific way, with an eye for how it’s going to be done in post. How will it convert, how will the colour correction and balance in post (are you trying to bring blue tones out? does the director want all the corners to be dark and ominous? is set dressing very sparse, so you’re making sure much of a back wall can’t be seen, while the foreground is where the action is happening?) affect the whole picture?

      And sometimes if you’re not doing all that right, or if you just don’t have the time/money/experience/hands/etc to light it right, it’s just . . . too damn dark. Of course, screen can have much to do with it as well. Especially if you’re watching on a laptop, things can go from shadowy and contrasty to muddy and dim real quickly.

      On the less technical side, this is a growing trend in TV now, to make things really dark and shadowy, and some productions push it more than others. For example Hannibal made it work, whereas I thought later seasons of Luther got lazy with it. Dark is in! and since it’s harder to do right, especially with time and budget restrictions, it’s going to stand out more when it’s a miss.

  9. takeela74 says:

    You know this will sound batty but Lauren’s “yeah sure you’re a succubus, I know you couldn’t/wouldn’t lie here with me forever if you tried” silence was glaring all the way to Bo and Tamsin’s talk. Actually it goes back to the Delinquents when Tamsin told her about the kiss. She knows Bo. Kissing or sleeping with someone is a must.

    The problem was Bo has never had a long committed relationship. Her nature makes her attracted to and attractive to just about everyone. It’s not surprising that she didn’t pick up on Tamsin’s feelings as Lauren herself pointed out she’s a sex machine. Tamsin was pretty much Dyson in season 5. The only difference is Bo hadn’t been directly told yet about Tamsin’s feelings. The problem was Tamsin said girlfriends.
    If she hadn’t said that and Bo wasn’t already plotting to get back with Lauren, they would still be having sex because Bo will sleep with anyone whether she knows their real feelings or not. This was well displayed with Dyson.

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