The 100: Season 03, Episode 08, “Terms and Conditions”

The 100 -- "Terms and Conditions" -- Image HU308a_0185 -- Pictured: Bob Morley as Bellamy -- Credit: Katie Yu/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

A lot of things come full circle this episode. Food and water are running low in Arcadia, just as oxygen was on the Ark. The Chancellor is making awful decisions and being undermined, only here it’s Kane doing the undermining. The Grounders are insisting someone be brought to justice for his crimes or they will … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 05, Episode 16, “Rise”

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Two quick things before I get into the review.  Next week I plan to do a whole series overview and closing thoughts / episode ranking, of sorts. This is by far the longest show I’ve covered, and I’ve written much in depth about it, so I want to put my thoughts about it as a whole … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 05, Episode 15, “Let Them Burn”

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The ‘previously on’ before this episode sums up everything that went down last week, which was mainly . . . well, not much, plot-wise. Much of the gang gathered at the clubhouse to process All Of The Feels, come to terms with the fact Trick was dead, and get Bo out of a coma that the … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 05, Episode 14, “Follow the Yellow Trick Road”

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Lost Girl has nodded to The Wizard of Oz before, and “Follow the Yellow Trick Road” opens seemingly in the middle of it. The ending of last episode [as the ‘previously on’ reminds us] suggests this cold open is a switch to Bo’s internal POV; ie, her dream, hallucination, or however you interpret The Wizard of Oz. … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 05, Episode 13, “Family Portrait”

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Last week, I said Lost Girl disregarded character completely in service of plot/twist, and everything was being sacrificed on the altar of trying to ‘trick’ the audience, wrench melodrama from every possible place, and service unbelievable endgames. I also was quite confused as to exactly what happened in the final scene. As a rule, I never read other … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 05, Episode 12, “Judgement Fae”

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Well, THAT was an utter disaster. Actually, not utter. The acting not only rose above the content, but was possibly some of the best work this series has seen, especially when you consider how many hoops were jumped through and sharks over. This episode is a mess of coincidences, arbitrary ‘tasks,’ impulsive moves, anticlimactic scenes, … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 05, Episode 11, “Sweet Valkyrie High”

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Somewhere in the fourth season, Lost Girl lost its way. It wandered a little in the third, but the fourth is where the focus on relationships, the offbeat blend of classical lore with modern family and struggles, get fully lost in the push to make long arcing plots convoluted and mysterious. It’s also where we lost … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 05, Episode 10, “Like Father, Like Daughter”

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Lost Girl often takes advantage of the ability to make a narrative switch at an episode break, as they do here. Sometimes TV shows use the episode break as a cheap way to put off answering the audiences’ questions and prolong the tensions, but here it also allows us to see how the characters themselves aren’t sure what happened. Over the … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 5, Episode 9, 44 Minutes to Save the World

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I always feel a bit shallow when my complaint about a show is “needs more sex scenes.” But I also feel that of all shows, Lost Girl – about someone who literally needs it to live, and is hot, and is surrounded by many many other hot characters and extras of multiple presentations and orientations – gives … Continue reading

#LostGirl: Season 05, Episode 08, End of Faes

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If my last few reviews have sounded like I’m suggesting a bunch of theories and am wholly unsure what’s going to stick; well, yeah. Especially since the end of Season 3, there’s no true predicting where the show could be going, because it could be anywhere. Commenting on one episode’s symbolism and metaphors and what characters … Continue reading