The 100: Season 03, Episode 08, “Terms and Conditions”

A lot of things come full circle this episode. Food and water are running low in Arcadia, just as oxygen was on the Ark. The Chancellor is making awful decisions and being undermined, only here it’s Kane doing the undermining. The Grounders are insisting someone be brought to justice for his crimes or they will … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 3, Episode 04, “Fae-de To Black”

You know the drill. Possible spoilers through 03.13. All reviews here. When a show opens with breathily drawn-out Oh. My. you definitely expect the next word to be God. And it wouldn’t be unwarranted. I shot a film last week where we had a limited budget and amount of time and crew. When we originally sat … Continue reading

Lost Girl – Season 3, Episode 03, ConFaegion

Opening scene: simple, right? Three actors, simple setup outdoors, some snark and smackdown, tada. Two camera teams [op and AC for each], audio [probably two, a lav’r / field mixer and boom mic op], a couple prop cement blocks, some drums of water to ensure mud, several standby clean wardrobe changes for Ksenia Solo, a … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 3, Episode 02, SubterFaenean

After ending on both the release of two seasons of will-they-won’t-they tension between Bo and Lauren, then Bo chi-sucking a guy and leaving him for dead, this episode opens with . . . Kenzi, Kenzi’s friend, and Vex going down into the sewers for a magic show. It makes you wait almost two minutes, and … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 3 Episode 1, Caged Fae

You know the drill. Possible spoilers through 03.13. All reviews here. First things first: I wrote a whole post on the problem in this episode, and I’m leaving it all there and out of this review. If you want to talk about that aspect, please do so on that post. Totally aside from that, I’m guessing as … Continue reading

Lost Girl – Caged Heat’s Problem

This started as a part of the whole 3.01 review, but it grew larger until it took on a life of its own and clamored to get a dedicated post. The review will come next week. Right off: I’m a writer and tv/filmmaker, and I’m approaching this episode primarily as such. I’m not a trans* … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 3, Episode 13, Those Who Wander

SPOILER ALERT I generally try to time my reviews to coincide with the American airing, but as ShowCase already aired and SyFy is not airing until next week, I’m not going to wait. Read at your own risk, but I will not be holding back. This is your last and only warning. I mean it.  … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 3, Episode 12, Hail, Hale

Last week I talked about how the episode raised more issues than the show could fully address, and how I was OK with that; it doesn’t have to deeply psychoanalyze the harmful effects of children absorbing gender stereotypes from their parents, it can introduce it as a well-turned joke and move on.  This episode, though, … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 03, Episode 11, Adventures in Fae-bysitting

While Lost Girl – as a good supernatural drama should – raises and addresses issues from child trafficking to drug abuse, this episode raises at least a half dozen distinct issues it can probably never fully address. Still, bringing them into consciousness and allowing the fan base to dissect them is better than most shows … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 3, Episode 10, Deliquents

Many TV shows are campy. Many are serious. Some attempt one thing, but are the other (it’s possible I got through Season 1 of Hou$e of Lies because I was never aware it was supposed to be a comedy). Walking the line of both is a tricky thing, but Lost Girl‘s premise almost demands it. … Continue reading