Lost Girl: Season 05, Episode 13, “Family Portrait”

Last week, I said Lost Girl disregarded character completely in service of plot/twist, and everything was being sacrificed on the altar of trying to ‘trick’ the audience, wrench melodrama from every possible place, and service unbelievable endgames. I also was quite confused as to exactly what happened in the final scene. As a rule, I never read other … Continue reading

#LostGirl: Season 05, Episode 08, End of Faes

If my last few reviews have sounded like I’m suggesting a bunch of theories and am wholly unsure what’s going to stick; well, yeah. Especially since the end of Season 3, there’s no true predicting where the show could be going, because it could be anywhere. Commenting on one episode’s symbolism and metaphors and what characters … Continue reading

#LostGirl: Season 05, Episode 07, Here Comes the Night

Last week’s episode operated on a slightly larger scale than usual, and this episode opens with one of the biggest set pieces they’ve done. Destroyed cars, more extras, smoke machines, all that sort of thing. They darken the screen and color it green to get across the ‘storm’ idea and bring about the feel of DOOOOOOOOM, … Continue reading

#LostGirl: Season 05 Episode 06, Clear Eyes Fae Hearts

Lost Girl doesn’t do Epic. No battles across sprawling fields, no cities exploding, no grand sweeping camera movements. Lost Girl lives in the smaller moments, the interpersonal connections, the plots where nobody leaves the room but a body swap forces feelings into the open. That’s not a knock: have a niche, make it work for you. … Continue reading

Lost Girl Season 5: a Mehlsbells Wish List

Last pre-season I wrote a post which ended up with a couple hits, a couple misses, and some rather off-the-wall projections which somehow didn’t even come close to the insanity which was Rainer and the Sleeping Bullet Train of Yellow Doom. So. This being Lost Girl‘s last season, and it being practically impossible to tell … Continue reading

The Moral Off-Center: how the sidekicks of #OrphanBlack and #LostGirl are so much more.

While it might not be obvious at first blush, Orphan Black and Lost Girl have a significant Venn diagram intersection. Even beyond the initial “made in Canada” or “female lead in a SF/F show” or “obsessive tumblr fandom” comparisons, both shows examine—among other things—non-traditional family structures and the inherent difficulty involved in meeting everyone’s emotional needs. … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 2, Episode 21, “Into the Dark”

You know the drill. Possible spoilers through 03.13. All reviews here. In talking about the ways in which “Lachlan’s Gambit” didn’t work, I also touched on the ways and reasons this episode worked. Focus on interpersonal issues, characters interacting, avoiding the Big Showdown Scenes which in which budget couldn’t deliver on hype: it does everything we … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 2, Episode 17, The Girl Who Fae’d With Fire

You know the drill. Possible spoilers through 03.13. All reviews here. One of Lost Girl‘s running sight gags is Bo pulling her knife on guys. Specifically Lachlan, when he’s waving his Ashhood about. This episode starts with two girls crossing swords, and almost stabbing an alarmed Nate with one. It’s more about their bluster and Kenzi’s … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 01, Episode 07, “ArachnoFaebia”

Editor’s note: You know the drill. Possible spoilers through 03.13. All reviews here. Often we don’t give network episodic TV enough credit for the subtle foreshadowing and story arcs it does. Possibly this is because most of the time it’s not subtle, we’re introduced to a conflict on one scene, it comes to a head in the … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 3, Episode 10, Deliquents

Many TV shows are campy. Many are serious. Some attempt one thing, but are the other (it’s possible I got through Season 1 of Hou$e of Lies because I was never aware it was supposed to be a comedy). Walking the line of both is a tricky thing, but Lost Girl‘s premise almost demands it. … Continue reading