Experiencing Film

“The last X I experienced was X” posts circle social media like buzzards as we all adjust to our Quarantine of Indefinite Time [QoIT]. Zines and shortreads examine what certain events were like as the world’s corners started shutting down. Just as anyone with an internet connect can’t avoid seeing these musings, I can’t avoid … Continue reading

My Album of the Year: The Electric Lady

I started to write a post on why Janelle Monae’s The Electric Lady may be the best album of the year, but I ended up scribbling “Thesis: Ideas of Non-Violence and Violence in Janelle Monae’s Album The Electric Lady,” and the whole thing took on a mind of its own. This isn’t going to be … Continue reading

Music Video: Pitch Perfect’s “Since You Been Gone”

Start with the fact this is generally an average-to-well edited movie. During the big dance numbers, we get plenty of closeups and glimpses of each character, especially when a character is starting to sing. Still, the overall action is always well-established enough so when it pulls back to a wide/master shot, the viewer is not … Continue reading

Odds and Ends: An Update

– That featured picture is me doing The Killingsworth. Here’s the Facebook album, here’s the website, and here’s the submission email. It’s open to anyone who wants to do it, and I’d be honored if you were to do your own and send it in! – I will be revamping this site design to make things … Continue reading

One Week One Band: Brandi Carlile Week Outline

As I mentioned, I was privileged to write about Brandi Carlile for One Week One Band this past week. In its own words, here’s what OWOB does: Every week, one trusted music aficionado showcases a band or artist he/she feels particularly passionate about. Any artist from any country or decade will do — no rules and … Continue reading

One Week One Band: Brandi Carlile

If you follow this blog much, you’ll know I’m really interested in music, and the intersection of art and religion. Also, you may have gotten the vibe I have psychoanalyzation thoughts on all these things, and like to share said thoughts. For all these reasons and more, I’ll be this week’s guest writer at One … Continue reading

How To Make Your Enemies Broadcast Your Criticisms of Them in 99 Easy Steps

About once a year I find myself obsessively watching the gorgeous “99 Problems” music video. Check out how the camera is always looking up or straight at Jay-Z, other than when the car is pulled over and we ‘see’ him the way the cop does, looking down at him. The one exception is when Jay-Z is performing; … Continue reading

Two Song Tuesday: A Dustland Fairytale and That Wasn’t Me

The Killer’s “A Dustland Fairytale” The song is lyrically evocative and nearly perfect. The video is a brilliant mix of nostalgia and realism; a short, musical S.E. Hinton story. It takes care not to villainize one character over another; both wrap up their hands as “the Devil” does, both have knives, both are victims of … Continue reading

Two Song Tuesday: Interpretations of The Decemberists’s O Valencia

The first installation of Two Song Tuesday is a repost from my now-defunct blog. Enjoy; more will follow. Leonard Bernstein, Stephen Sondheim, and Natalie Wood put a timeless interpretation on an ageless tale. The Decembrists have their own take on star-crossed lovers, but after watching the original O Valencia music video, I found a more fascinating fan-made … Continue reading

Women’s Studies Playlist

This playlist was in the works (and on-and-off my radar) most of 2012. My Unbest songs came from this list. It grew to about 40 songs, and shrunk to the 18 carefully curated and commentated  for your listening pleasure. I thought I’d share with all my closest internet-people. click here to download .zip file A toast to you, … Continue reading