Movie Review: Inch’Allah

On my list of movies to watch I mentioned several female filmmakers whose work I’m interested in. One is Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette. This review of her film starts a loose series on Women In and Making Film.  A shorter version of this review appeared on Letterboxd here. This film easily could have been a cliched tale about a … Continue reading

Sexuality On Television

As an integral part of the human experience, sexuality should be portrayed in every medium, but how it’s portrayed is complicated. There’s no doubt sexuality on television is a thorny subject. Between network standards, thoughtless objectification, rape culture proliferation, the list of problems go on.  One of the reasons I’m fascinated by Lost Girl is that, … Continue reading

Women’s Studies Playlist

This playlist was in the works (and on-and-off my radar) most of 2012. My Unbest songs came from this list. It grew to about 40 songs, and shrunk to the 18 carefully curated and commentated  for your listening pleasure. I thought I’d share with all my closest internet-people. click here to download .zip file A toast to you, … Continue reading

Is It This Difficult To Write Characters Consistent With Their Own Defining Traits?

I'd get to know these characters. If you catch my drift.

Shows from Cougar Town* to The Newsroom* to New Girl* apparently think it’s endearing to have men whose past and present is almost solely defined as ‘chasing a lot of tail’ but who require assistance/shoving from friends in order to simply talk to attractive women. These men – who we’re assured have slept with  ‘a Netflix queue’ … Continue reading

The Newsroom Episode 5: Amen

I am a woman. For years, I wanted to be a journalist/news producer. I am a klutz. I am a video editor. I’m ADD and often forgetful. I thrive in situations where decisions have to be made on the fly and acted on with some amount of improvisation – which is why I’m working to … Continue reading

The Newsroom Episode 4: I Will Try and Fix You, The Newsroom

Aaron Channon has a pretty good review over at Paste Magazine, including a great description of the ‘love rhombus’ and Maggie’s role in it. I’ll let you have the pleasure of reading that, and I’m going to touch on some things he didn’t. 1. Handgun Rights. Of course it’s convenient and smug to have a … Continue reading