TVquila’s New Lineup

As you may know, I and friend Dale started TVquila, which during the dead months was mostly just The Newsroom reviews. Now the TV season has started, however, we’ve expanded to eight writers (so far), covering everything from weekly analysis of Agents of SHIELD, New Girl, and many more, to upcoming topical essays on anachronism in … Continue reading

Walking and Talking, Inventing and Crediting

Recently this video started going around the internet. It’s fantastic. It also mentions Gilmore Girls.  Someone I do not know took to my friend’s link and started smacktalking Gilmore Girls. This person said quote, “Gilmore Girls has dialogue, but it’s also only snappy because of the editing.” [emphasis mine.] If one is going to argue The … Continue reading

The Newsroom 2.1 Review

Last year, I reviewed The Newsroom on this blog. This season, friend Dale and I are co-reviewing it (sometimes taking turns, as scheduling dictates) on the tvquila blog. Here’s the first review. I won’t be posting here every time a new review goes up (though I’ll probably inform you when we pick up new series), … Continue reading

Is It This Difficult To Write Characters Consistent With Their Own Defining Traits?

I'd get to know these characters. If you catch my drift.

Shows from Cougar Town* to The Newsroom* to New Girl* apparently think it’s endearing to have men whose past and present is almost solely defined as ‘chasing a lot of tail’ but who require assistance/shoving from friends in order to simply talk to attractive women. These men – who we’re assured have slept with  ‘a Netflix queue’ … Continue reading

The Newsroom Episode 10: The Greater Fool

If you don't want to read the whole post, this sums up nicely.

      Most procedurals wait at least 21 episodes before putting a main character in the hospital/hostage situation/mortal danger. Not The Newsroom. The first few minutes of the 10th episode have a medical crisis (in false climax to a death threat) and Will hinting ‘I may not come back.’ Then we start going backwards through the … Continue reading

The Newsroom Episode 9 – The Blackout Part II Mock Debate

If you’ve forgotten what went on before, here’s my The Blackout Part I: Tragedy Porn review. Otherwise, just remember Mackenzie is having to run stories on Casey Anthony and Anthony Weiner, and then the power goes out. Mackenzie starts to fantasize about coming together and doing the broadcast in the park. Mackenzie: “The grips take apart the … Continue reading

The Newsroom Episode 8: The Blackout Part 1: Tragedy Porn

If you have to subtitle your ‘Part Ones,’ you may have a hubris problem. ‘Print journalists play it fast and loose with exclamation points.’ It’s a good line. The unnecessary ‘it’ there is an interesting choice. Did they not think the viewer would get it without an additional beat? Am I reading way too much into this? Lorelai … Continue reading

The Newsroom Episode 7: 5/1

I think I’m looking forward to a time when this show is no longer recounting history. I’m unsure because it could just turn into the L&O of HBO, ripping news from the headlines, changing names, and adding One Big Twist to either upset audience expectations or point the audience to who the Good or Bad … Continue reading

The Newsroom Episode 6: Bullies

Speaking of bullies: topping the list must be the writers of this show, who cannot just present us with their points, but must bludgeon us about the head with them. What’s that? Oh yes, sorry, ‘writer,’ singular. Because I’m pressed for time (work + Olympics!), I’m going to stream-of-consciousness this review, and see how that goes. … Continue reading

The Newsroom Episode 5: Amen

I am a woman. For years, I wanted to be a journalist/news producer. I am a klutz. I am a video editor. I’m ADD and often forgetful. I thrive in situations where decisions have to be made on the fly and acted on with some amount of improvisation – which is why I’m working to … Continue reading