Shot Details and Framing in Wentworth

Wentworth is an Australian prison drama, actually a remake of the show Prisoner. It’s dark and tense and manages some nice plot turns, it’s got a very teal and gray palette but breaks it up with reds and greens, it’s well acted, it uses slo-mo and occasional fantasy sequences to great effect. But you should discover that for yourself. I’m here to just talk about some details in the framing of shots.

A Tale of Two Trailers

Checking Focus -credit David Stluka

Though movies and TV are almost all widescreen nowdays, movies were often more ‘box’ sized in the 30s. When deciding on the look and feel of The Lilith Necklace, I chose to shoot for 4:3, as this would closely approximate the size of 35mm film prints and – theoretically – give the audience an immediate sense … Continue reading

The Lilith Premiere

Credit to Vincent Buckley. Inspired by foreign posters for The Maltese Falcon.

Hello, all. With apologies to those of you who are ‘connected’ with me on any social media venue (as you’ve heard and will continue to hear much about this), I have a small announcement. The Lilith Necklace will be shown at a preview screening on Sunday, February 17th at 7:ooPM at Madison’s High Noon Saloon. … Continue reading