How Moving Shots Reveal Story, Create Tension (and so much more)

From The Bold Type to I May Destroy You to Supergirl, a recent trend in television is to keep the camera moving. Network procedurals, prestige cable dramas, limited run series, even talk shows (hello, Patriot Act) often ply this technique, sometimes as a cheap way to up production value. . Advantages and Drawbacks When used … Continue reading

Sometimes Getting What We Want Turns Out Worse Than Not

Why are Annie and Britta wearing revealing outfits they don't necessarily wear on a regular basis? And why do I have a vague feeling I should care?

“To me, the idea of wanting to defy death is just an inherent, almost mythological, iconic notion. It’s something we can relate to . . . a universal longing.” Marti Noxon The reviews are in, and they universally suggest Community‘s return is going to be like reuniting with your college flame to find out he has a … Continue reading