Let’s Talk Snubs

The Eyes Have It

The Oscars are coming, and with them the nail-biting speculation, excitement, and dread. The most prestigious category is, of course, Best Picture. Though Best Picture nominees may be comprised of several other categories’s nominees – especially Best Director, Best Screenplay, and Best Actor or Actress – it is not necessary for a Best Picture to have many … Continue reading

Bond versus Bond

Attribution, I shit you not, www.askwomendatingadvice.com

I was properly link-baited by this post querying ‘If Daniel Craig is Your Favorite Bond, Are You Really True Bond Fan?‘ The post – and by-and-large the commentors – cite the differences between the suave, sexy, be-gadgeted Connery, Lazenby, Moore, and Brosnan, and the more emotional, brutish Craig. One is tortured with the thought of … Continue reading

Art of the Title: Skyfall

Bond Hot, Standard Hot, Creepy Hot, Simply Hot.

In brief, Skyfall is a strong close to the origin trilogy, which had a phenomenal start and semi-disastrous middle. It’s difficult to compare it to Casino Royale, because they both have different strengths and mighty few weaknesses. A couple scenes in the back half of Skyfall could have been trimmed or cut in the writing process; no … Continue reading