TVquila’s New Lineup

As you may know, I and friend Dale started TVquila, which during the dead months was mostly just The Newsroom reviews. Now the TV season has started, however, we’ve expanded to eight writers (so far), covering everything from weekly analysis of Agents of SHIELD, New Girl, and many more, to upcoming topical essays on anachronism in … Continue reading

Elementary: Quick Thoughts

Interesting choice of plaid shirt there, Watson.

I’ve been an impassioned follower of the BBC’s Sherlock, and before that, a lover of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes books. Cue ads for CBS’s Elementary.  I was understandably wary, but, roommates. Initial Reactions Huzzah, no over-the-top gory body discovery to test the boundaries of the extra-of-the-week’s shrieking and sputtering abilities. An addition of an extra layer of … Continue reading

Casting, Acting, Directing

Sometimes good actors choose bad characters. Sometimes, characters are poorly conceived and poorly cast. Sometimes the storylines just aren’t redeemable. Sometimes, shows are misdirected, but manage to salvage themselves. Sometimes multiple factors go into making bad art, and you’re not exactly sure what happened. Today, we will focus on two characters who are implausibly bad. … Continue reading