Lost Girl – Season 3, Episode 03, ConFaegion

Opening scene: simple, right? Three actors, simple setup outdoors, some snark and smackdown, tada. Two camera teams [op and AC for each], audio [probably two, a lav’r / field mixer and boom mic op], a couple prop cement blocks, some drums of water to ensure mud, several standby clean wardrobe changes for Ksenia Solo, a … Continue reading

Lost Girl and Sexuality Leftovers

In the course of recording two podcasts about TV sexuality and its usage in Lost Girl, we got slightly off track a couple times. I’ve been known to do this, especially if shiny objects or underbaked cookies are involved.    A few of our stray comments are compiled for your listening pleasure. Click here to … Continue reading

Sexuality on Television: Part 2

Last week I wrote a little bit to introduce a podcast I was invited to do about sexuality in television; specifically in relation to female characters. Out of the five subtopics, we covered one in the first podcast.  This is part 2 of the podcast, which covers a bit more ground. As always, please feel free … Continue reading

Sexuality On Television

As an integral part of the human experience, sexuality should be portrayed in every medium, but how it’s portrayed is complicated. There’s no doubt sexuality on television is a thorny subject. Between network standards, thoughtless objectification, rape culture proliferation, the list of problems go on.  One of the reasons I’m fascinated by Lost Girl is that, … Continue reading