Lost Girl: Season 4 Redux

I was going to write a more thorough breakdown, but then I was invited to talk to Drinks at the Dal in their season overview podcast (which you can watch live this Sunday and/or listen to later). We’re going to talk about structure and pacing and motifs and color and character arcs and all those sorts … Continue reading

Movie Review: Burlesque

My one and only new year’s resolution is to watch more movies. In 2012 I saw plenty of TV shows, but watched shockingly few films, especially for someone who wants to make a living making films. What better/worse place to start than 2010’s Burlesque? For the first time I watched this stunningly . . . … Continue reading

Luther: Series 1, Episode 5

In the opening sequence of continuously moving clips, we get a shot where the main characters are almost out-of-frame. The camera is less concerned with them than it is with the mood, the look. The camera fades to black before the graphic climax, as well. Yes, we’ve gotten to the point where even cold opens … Continue reading

Luther: Series 1, Episode 4

source: http://wilderlands.tumblr.com/post/31151358445

*cue opening minor-chord music* Crap. Another middle-aged, white, male serial killer doing creepy ritualistic things to some woman. *cut to credits* More on these in the Stray Observations. *cut to Luther waking up in only the bottom 3rd of the screen.* Phone ringing to wake him up: cliched choice. Purple sheets: good choice. No Zoe: … Continue reading

The Three Movies I Watched Last Week. Now With Even More Thoughts!

Last week I watched a few female-centric films. Two were directed by women, and two were what I would describe as feminist. Shockingly enough, they were the same two. In the order of my watching, I give you three mini-reviews.   In The Land of Blood and Honey I don’t necessarily have to be in … Continue reading