TVquila’s New Lineup

As you may know, I and friend Dale started TVquila, which during the dead months was mostly just The Newsroom reviews. Now the TV season has started, however, we’ve expanded to eight writers (so far), covering everything from weekly analysis of Agents of SHIELD, New Girl, and many more, to upcoming topical essays on anachronism in … Continue reading

Sometimes Getting What We Want Turns Out Worse Than Not

Why are Annie and Britta wearing revealing outfits they don't necessarily wear on a regular basis? And why do I have a vague feeling I should care?

“To me, the idea of wanting to defy death is just an inherent, almost mythological, iconic notion. It’s something we can relate to . . . a universal longing.” Marti Noxon The reviews are in, and they universally suggest Community‘s return is going to be like reuniting with your college flame to find out he has a … Continue reading

Is It This Difficult To Write Characters Consistent With Their Own Defining Traits?

I'd get to know these characters. If you catch my drift.

Shows from Cougar Town* to The Newsroom* to New Girl* apparently think it’s endearing to have men whose past and present is almost solely defined as ‘chasing a lot of tail’ but who require assistance/shoving from friends in order to simply talk to attractive women. These men – who we’re assured have slept with  ‘a Netflix queue’ … Continue reading