Music Video: Pitch Perfect’s “Since You Been Gone”

Start with the fact this is generally an average-to-well edited movie. During the big dance numbers, we get plenty of closeups and glimpses of each character, especially when a character is starting to sing. Still, the overall action is always well-established enough so when it pulls back to a wide/master shot, the viewer is not … Continue reading

Why Grit Is Now A Substitute for Glorious

While I’d love it to flesh out what makes some dark movies great cinema and others not, and how a movie can have it both ways – Casino Royale, anyone? – the points this article makes are good. What I want to focus on is this: What bothers me more is the critical attitude that reads a film … Continue reading

Gatsby. The Great Gatsby.

I never much cared for The Great Gatsby as a novel. I came to understand it better after college and a few re-reads of a friend’s much-marked copy, but I’ve no emotional attachment to it whatsoever. Luhrmann, on the other hand, I love. Still, upon seeing the trailers for The Great Gatsby well over a … Continue reading

Movie Review: The Bling Ring

If you’ve seen the previews or seen a cast list, you may be expecting a movie mostly centered on ‘Nicki,’ the movie pseudonym given for Alexis Neiers. Alexis is the most notorious member of the real-life theft ring which stole from celebrities, having had articles, reality shows, and news interviews galore. You may also be expecting … Continue reading

The Avengers Series

Mostly white, mostly male, still wholly enjoyable.

I intended to write a review of Marvel’s The Avengers breaking it down and talking about its relation to Whedon’s oeuvre and why Whedon was a good choice of director, and how a guy used to dealing in TV – with its smaller scale, longer arcs, more primitive special effects, and different directorial challenges – brought all his skills to … Continue reading

Movie Review: Burlesque

My one and only new year’s resolution is to watch more movies. In 2012 I saw plenty of TV shows, but watched shockingly few films, especially for someone who wants to make a living making films. What better/worse place to start than 2010’s Burlesque? For the first time I watched this stunningly . . . … Continue reading

Art of the Title: Skyfall

Bond Hot, Standard Hot, Creepy Hot, Simply Hot.

In brief, Skyfall is a strong close to the origin trilogy, which had a phenomenal start and semi-disastrous middle. It’s difficult to compare it to Casino Royale, because they both have different strengths and mighty few weaknesses. A couple scenes in the back half of Skyfall could have been trimmed or cut in the writing process; no … Continue reading

The Three Movies I Watched Last Week. Now With Even More Thoughts!

Last week I watched a few female-centric films. Two were directed by women, and two were what I would describe as feminist. Shockingly enough, they were the same two. In the order of my watching, I give you three mini-reviews.   In The Land of Blood and Honey I don’t necessarily have to be in … Continue reading

Movie Review: Drive

My Rating: 3.5 stars (out of 4) Spoilers: minor We have a noir (or as Wikipedia redundantly labels it, a “neo noir crime thriller film”), set in modern day, with a character who is not named, carefully crafted aesthetic/lighting style, and multiple levels of symbolism. It’s almost a checklist of components of this movie. I’m set up to … Continue reading