Here We Wait: Series 1, Episodes 1 and 2

For a long time, webseries have been a breeding ground for short-form and skit comedy with a healthy side of ‘talking to the camera’ style celebrity figures. That’s been shifting somewhat, as dramas have broken out, though they’re still more rare. Here We Wait, is its own beast, somewhat hard to classify. It cribs things … Continue reading

The Night Of: Season 01, Episode 08: The Call of the Wild

These episode titles have all been intentionally provocative; the finale’s is a treatise on nature, man’s animalism, and the ultimate inability to escape one’s basest instincts. Its “previously on” highlights Naz’s mother asking “did I raise an animal?” In the episode itself we have a Prodigal Son scene, a physical leper sitting across from the metaphorical one, and … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 04, Episode 3, Lovers. Apart.

I’ve mentioned everyone has been thrown at least somewhat out of character for this season. I’ve mentioned the sexism. I’ve mentioned the disjointedness and shooting around the lead’s schedule. And now it all comes to a head in . . . a rather mixed bag. Some of that mixed bag is great, and some is … Continue reading