Lost Girl: Season 4, Episode 10, Waves

Open with one ‘surprise’ opening scene and one fake-out, all before the credits roll. Ah, the credits, where Bo and Kenzi are still the Dynamic Duo to end them all. One day they will be reunited. As with almost every episode this season, at least one cast member is missing; in this case, Tamsin, Hale, … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 4, Episode 09, “Destiny’s Child”

Welcome to a special post-swap edition of Lost Girl! This week’s review is written by Mike over at NoWhiteNoise, and my review will be appearing there [link to follow]. You can follow Mike on Twitter at @michaelcollado and/or @nowhitenoise! Feel free to comment either place, and be sure and check out Mike’s other reviews.

Lost Girl: Season 4, Episode 07, La Fae Époque

I don’t know how everyone reacts when a low-budget show does something like this episode. It begins with the cold open, where Dyson is apparently in custody, conveniently skipping the CGI, choreography, and breaking of things that would have theoretically accompanied his hulked-out fight with the Una Mens that the end of last episode suggested. … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 4, Episode 06, Of All The Gin Joints

Exactly how linked to the Dawning it was I don’t know, but Lost Girl made an interesting move about halfway through last season. The show is taking their central figure and slowly making her more and more unsympathetic. Bo has gone from being a lost soul taken advantage of but standing up for herself and … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 4, Episode 05, Let the Dark Times Roll

The episode picks up exactly where we left off, in the Circle Jerk of Doooooooooom. Written by Jeremy Boxen (“Faetal Attraction,” “Scream a Little Dream,” “Raging Fae,” and more) and directed by Ron Murphy (Only “Fae-de To Black” and “Those Who Wander,” ’til now), it pulls no punches and wastes little time. Some of the … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 4, Episode 04, Turn to Stone

Here’s the thing. I spent most of this episode a saying things a couple beats before they occurred. Things like . . . Between this and Trick’s comment about the deathtrap, they’re definitely getting a break-in. Tamsin’s gonna get wings. mIt has to be the end of Tamsin’s life cycle; I’mma bet Valkyries only get … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 04, Episode 3, Lovers. Apart.

I’ve mentioned everyone has been thrown at least somewhat out of character for this season. I’ve mentioned the sexism. I’ve mentioned the disjointedness and shooting around the lead’s schedule. And now it all comes to a head in . . . a rather mixed bag. Some of that mixed bag is great, and some is … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 4, Episode 02, Sleeping Beauty School

Right off, let me explain why I love the last episode (4.01), but call out this episode as so much fluff and filler . . .

Lost Girl Season 4: Utterly Random Projections

Perhaps it should be called ‘mostly baseless’ rather than ‘utterly random,’ but that’s what you get when you publish working titles. Before Season 4 airs tonight, I and friend-of-blog Dale (who has guest-reviewed an episode, too) sat down and wildly speculated about what may go down.  1. What do you think the new promo signifies … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 3, Episode 04, “Fae-de To Black”

You know the drill. Possible spoilers through 03.13. All reviews here. When a show opens with breathily drawn-out Oh. My. you definitely expect the next word to be God. And it wouldn’t be unwarranted. I shot a film last week where we had a limited budget and amount of time and crew. When we originally sat … Continue reading