Sexuality on Television: Part 2

Last week I wrote a little bit to introduce a podcast I was invited to do about sexuality in television; specifically in relation to female characters. Out of the five subtopics, we covered one in the first podcast.  This is part 2 of the podcast, which covers a bit more ground. As always, please feel free … Continue reading

Feminist Travel Film Week on BitchFlicks

I put together some words about The Go Getter for the wonderful folks at BitchFlicks. – Check it out by clicking anywhere on this gratuitously long hyperlink.  – I’ll be responding to comments on their site, if you feel led to comment.

Unbest 2012

This is my contribution to this year’s Unbest blog. You can see more entries here. In case you’ve managed to forget the incessant phone calls, e-mails, attack ads, and debates, 2012 was a political year. You couldn’t throw a rock without hitting a politician using popular music to further his or her agenda, nor, seemingly, … Continue reading

The Three Movies I Watched Last Week. Now With Even More Thoughts!

Last week I watched a few female-centric films. Two were directed by women, and two were what I would describe as feminist. Shockingly enough, they were the same two. In the order of my watching, I give you three mini-reviews.   In The Land of Blood and Honey I don’t necessarily have to be in … Continue reading