The 100: Season 03, Episode 11, Nevermore

The methodology of this episode – take several of your original 100, put them in close quarters with a problem to solve, throw in a manipulative omniscient asshole, make everyone hash out their guilt and reasons for having it – is superb. Sure, it’s made a little weaker by many of the ‘reasons for said guilt’ having … Continue reading

The 100: Season 03, Episode 10, Fallen

It takes a lot of time and effort to write reviews, not to mention my own projects on various burners. I can’t continually bring myself to dedicate oodles of unpaid time to something which not only has spent this season throwing away good stories with both hands, but has a showrunner who has mistreated cast and … Continue reading

The 100: Season 03, Episode 08, “Terms and Conditions”

A lot of things come full circle this episode. Food and water are running low in Arcadia, just as oxygen was on the Ark. The Chancellor is making awful decisions and being undermined, only here it’s Kane doing the undermining. The Grounders are insisting someone be brought to justice for his crimes or they will … Continue reading

The 100: Season 03, Episode 05, Hakeldama

Opening with not a massacre, but the lack thereof, is a great move. It makes sense financially; from the production standpoint, it’s ideal to save on major battle costs in the middle of the season so you can spend the budget on things like explosions and one-on-one setpieces like last week’s fight. But more importantly, … Continue reading