Part 1 was thesis, introduction of queerness in film pre-Hays, exploration of what the Hays Code was and its broad impact on the film industry. Part 2 covered what ‘queer coding’ looked like in films post-Hays to today. This post digs a little into the impact of coding: its ever-rippling effects, how it has shaped … Continue reading

Person of Interest: Analysis of a Silent Scene

I’ve been rewatching Person of Interest this year. While after its original run I was prepared to call it one of the best network shows of the decade . . . now I’m quite confident it’s full-stop one of the best TV shows of the Aughts. Does it have a rough start? Does it often … Continue reading

The 100: Season 3, Episode 16, “Perverse Instantiation – Part Two”

Since I started regularly reviewing new episodes of TV shows about three years ago, a combination of luck and somewhat-crazy, stubborn-dedication have meant I’ve always posted reviews within 4-24 hours of an episode airing. Sometimes I’ve had to do most of that writing and editing from my phone; for a few days in the middle … Continue reading

Place Holding

Dear Readers, It’s Monday, and that means a new Lost Girl review! Unfortunately, I’m working on a show which has put me up at a hotel which – though perfectly lovely in the little things such as ‘clean shower’ and ‘nice bed’ – has WiFi which is utterly overwhelmed by multiple people using it all … Continue reading