Lost Girl: Season 4, Episode 04, Turn to Stone

Here’s the thing. I spent most of this episode a saying things a couple beats before they occurred. Things like . . . Between this and Trick’s comment about the deathtrap, they’re definitely getting a break-in. Tamsin’s gonna get wings. mIt has to be the end of Tamsin’s life cycle; I’mma bet Valkyries only get … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 04, Episode 3, Lovers. Apart.

I’ve mentioned everyone has been thrown at least somewhat out of character for this season. I’ve mentioned the sexism. I’ve mentioned the disjointedness and shooting around the lead’s schedule. And now it all comes to a head in . . . a rather mixed bag. Some of that mixed bag is great, and some is … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 4, Episode 02, Sleeping Beauty School

Right off, let me explain why I love the last episode (4.01), but call out this episode as so much fluff and filler . . .

Lost Girl: Season 4, Episode 01, In Memoriam

This is probably a terrible episode to start with if you’re watching the show for the first time. It’s an episode full of fakeouts, callbacks, fanservice, fanteasing, and beautiful new sets, carried entirely on the lovely shoulders of Ksenia Solo. If you’re just jumping in, you’re probably still confused. This review is not going to … Continue reading

Lost Girl Season 4: Utterly Random Projections

Perhaps it should be called ‘mostly baseless’ rather than ‘utterly random,’ but that’s what you get when you publish working titles. Before Season 4 airs tonight, I and friend-of-blog Dale (who has guest-reviewed an episode, too) sat down and wildly speculated about what may go down.  1. What do you think the new promo signifies … Continue reading