Sport and Filmmaking

Before film and TV; before I could travel or construct and eat ridiculous cheese plates; before I could read to myself: sport was my first love. When I was 8, I had posters of Rickey Henderson and Joe Montana on my walls. Soon followed Mia Hamm, Kyra Gracie, Brianna Scurry. As a teen I narrowed … Continue reading

Here We Go A-tumblring

If tumblr is a Thing You Do, you may be interested to know I’ve changed my tumblr url. Or, you may just be unaware I had a tumblr. Either way, it is now also mehlsbells, as I try to consolidate my online presence. What a weird sentence that is, when you think about it. I … Continue reading

Little Women, Empathy, and Anime

People tell me I read “a lot.” Truth is, I read far less than I would like, and much, much less than I did through my elementary and high school years. When the librarians know you by name; when you are an exception to the San Francisco Library System’s limit on number of books allowed … Continue reading