How Editing Mimics Memory in Lulu Wang’s “The Farewell”

The Farewell is absolutely one of my favourite films of the year, and one of the few which made me cry (twice, if we’re counting) yet want to rewatch immediately. Awkwafina is a star. I look forward to her career of interesting choices and varied projects. I hope she ends up getting offered all the … Continue reading

A Tale of Two Films with Gutsy Endings

I’ve recently seen both Call My By Your Name and A Quiet Place, which I loved for very different reasons. The real clincher, though, one of the things which sticks out in both films and which I submit is unusual today, is in the final moments. Final moments in films can be clever and quotable … Continue reading

Movie Review: The Art of the Steal

my initial thoughts, which form the basis for this review, originally appeared here. As an exposition of theft and corruption, a civics lesson, and a demonstration of  how non-profits and governments and individuals and institutions conspire to take and govern art, The Art of the Steal is necessary and intriguing. It’s obviously angry over injustice, and thus … Continue reading

Music Video: Pitch Perfect’s “Since You Been Gone”

Start with the fact this is generally an average-to-well edited movie. During the big dance numbers, we get plenty of closeups and glimpses of each character, especially when a character is starting to sing. Still, the overall action is always well-established enough so when it pulls back to a wide/master shot, the viewer is not … Continue reading

Movie Review: The Fifth Estate

a version of this review first appeared here. Much has been said about the movie’s mishandling of actual events, and those reviews are fascinating to be sure. Most of us, however, forgive that to one extent or another if a ‘based on true events’ biopic is remotely interesting, well shot, anything. The Fifth Estate is … Continue reading

Movie Review: The Counselor

A version of this review originally appeared here. If each of the film’s conversations were climactic set pieces in another film, where the point was pontification, shock value, proclamatory delivery, really absolutely anything but chemistry, The Counselor could provide apexes for at least a dozen films. Instead, the film lines up several fantastic dramatic actors … Continue reading

Movie Review – Gravity

I knew going in the previews had shown nothing past the first third of the film, which is quite unusual in film marketing. I had read up on some of the technical things  Cuarón had done to create a sort of zero-gravity look. I’d heard the comparisons to 2001: A Space Odyssey. I understand why … Continue reading

Movie Review: Inch’Allah

On my list of movies to watch I mentioned several female filmmakers whose work I’m interested in. One is Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette. This review of her film starts a loose series on Women In and Making Film.  A shorter version of this review appeared on Letterboxd here. This film easily could have been a cliched tale about a … Continue reading

Cry Havoc, and Let Slip the Dogs of Blockbusters

The Affleck casting (which, full disclosure, I don’t hate at all, though I’d much rather he direct the thing) has been rattling around in my brain, and I’ve decided people should admit Daredevil is as good a movie as The Dark Knight or The Dark Knight Rises. To this end, I will argue Daredevil is underrated … Continue reading

Movie Review: Looper

A shorter version of this review first appeared on my Letterboxd. I cannot be expected to have no significant foreknowledge of any film involving Rian Johnson *and* Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Thus I’d read select reviews, seen the trailers, examined the posters and bylines, etc. I was excited, I had a grasp of the basic murder-for-hire-gets-confronted-by-time-traveling-older-self, yet … Continue reading