Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and the Cycles of Abuse

Under its primary colours and insistent optimism, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a psychologically complex show. Many writers have talked about its problematic handling of racial issues and how some of that is the very point, the way it deals with coming out of cult situations and sexual abuse, the way it addresses the aftermath of said cults, including … Continue reading

The Moral Off-Center: how the sidekicks of #OrphanBlack and #LostGirl are so much more.

While it might not be obvious at first blush, Orphan Black and Lost Girl have a significant Venn diagram intersection. Even beyond the initial “made in Canada” or “female lead in a SF/F show” or “obsessive tumblr fandom” comparisons, both shows examine—among other things—non-traditional family structures and the inherent difficulty involved in meeting everyone’s emotional needs. … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 4, Episode 06, Of All The Gin Joints

Exactly how linked to the Dawning it was I don’t know, but Lost Girl made an interesting move about halfway through last season. The show is taking their central figure and slowly making her more and more unsympathetic. Bo has gone from being a lost soul taken advantage of but standing up for herself and … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 4, Episode 01, In Memoriam

This is probably a terrible episode to start with if you’re watching the show for the first time. It’s an episode full of fakeouts, callbacks, fanservice, fanteasing, and beautiful new sets, carried entirely on the lovely shoulders of Ksenia Solo. If you’re just jumping in, you’re probably still confused. This review is not going to … Continue reading

Lost Girl – Caged Heat’s Problem

This started as a part of the whole 3.01 review, but it grew larger until it took on a life of its own and clamored to get a dedicated post. The review will come next week. Right off: I’m a writer and tv/filmmaker, and I’m approaching this episode primarily as such. I’m not a trans* … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 2, Episode 22, Flesh and Blood

You know the drill. Possible spoilers through 03.13. All reviews here. Besides not being a pun, I’m speculating last episode’s title is supposed to signify not just facing the dark, and not just a shaky alliance with Dark fae, but Bo’s literal start of transformation Into The Dark. As Lauren notes, Bo is more powerful than … Continue reading

Walking and Talking, Inventing and Crediting

Recently this video started going around the internet. It’s fantastic. It also mentions Gilmore Girls.  Someone I do not know took to my friend’s link and started smacktalking Gilmore Girls. This person said quote, “Gilmore Girls has dialogue, but it’s also only snappy because of the editing.” [emphasis mine.] If one is going to argue The … Continue reading

Cry Havoc, and Let Slip the Dogs of Blockbusters

The Affleck casting (which, full disclosure, I don’t hate at all, though I’d much rather he direct the thing) has been rattling around in my brain, and I’ve decided people should admit Daredevil is as good a movie as The Dark Knight or The Dark Knight Rises. To this end, I will argue Daredevil is underrated … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 1 Wrap Up, A Brief Look Forward

I’m wrapping up the Season 1 recaps with a season overview, as I will for S2 and S3, but first a note: Season 4 will be premiering in November. Simple math shows there aren’t enough Mondays between now and then to catch up on all the episodes between here and where I started recapping. My … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 3, Episode 6, The Kenzi Scale

While movies and TV have many similar conventions, episodic television has one great difference: commercials and episode breaks allow you to ‘cheat’ your timeline. Instead of showing how a character gets from Point A to Point B (whether literally showing or giving him/her a line about getting a phone call, etc), there are built-in fade-to-blacks … Continue reading