Lost Girl: Season Two Overview, PI Tamsin, and Your Questions Wanted

The original plan was to have a Lost Girl recap post at the end of the Season 2, where I talked about writers and directors and stylistic choices and the like. I feel, however, I’ve spread out a lot of what I wanted to say over the episode reviews. Thus, I’d like to open this … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 2, Episode 07, Fae Gone Wild

You know the drill. Possible spoilers through 03.13. All reviews here. Open on The Box. The Box is tied with a pretty bow and taunting Bo with the possibility of worldwide pestilence, or the manifestation of Lauren’s secret girlfriend. Same difference. There’s the tiniest sneaking possibility the Morrigan is toying with Bo, but the likelihood is … Continue reading

Here We Go A-tumblring

If tumblr is a Thing You Do, you may be interested to know I’ve changed my tumblr url. Or, you may just be unaware I had a tumblr. Either way, it is now also mehlsbells, as I try to consolidate my online presence. What a weird sentence that is, when you think about it. I … Continue reading

Misogyny In The Newsroom

I wrote about The Newsroom last season, and it’s back on tonight! In preparation for this event, friend Dale and I have published a commentary over at our new venture, tvquila. Below is an excerpt. But if Will is Sorkin’s platonic form of masculinity, the show balances that out with characters that embody the ideals … Continue reading

Feminist Travel Film Week on BitchFlicks

I put together some words about The Go Getter for the wonderful folks at BitchFlicks. – Check it out by clicking anywhere on this gratuitously long hyperlink.  – I’ll be responding to comments on their site, if you feel led to comment.