A Tale of Two Films with Gutsy Endings

I’ve recently seen both Call My By Your Name and A Quiet Place, which I loved for very different reasons. The real clincher, though, one of the things which sticks out in both films and which I submit is unusual today, is in the final moments. Final moments in films can be clever and quotable … Continue reading

What the Oscars Are Looking For

The New York times did a write-up in response to the furor about #oscarssowhite. In breaks down every black performance which has been nominated, and what has been involved; for example, black actresses tend to have depicted homeless characters, black actors tend to have depicted abusive and/or imprisoned characters, etc. Many things are going on … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 4, Episode 01, In Memoriam

This is probably a terrible episode to start with if you’re watching the show for the first time. It’s an episode full of fakeouts, callbacks, fanservice, fanteasing, and beautiful new sets, carried entirely on the lovely shoulders of Ksenia Solo. If you’re just jumping in, you’re probably still confused. This review is not going to … Continue reading

Bond versus Bond

Attribution, I shit you not, www.askwomendatingadvice.com

I was properly link-baited by this post querying ‘If Daniel Craig is Your Favorite Bond, Are You Really True Bond Fan?‘ The post – and by-and-large the commentors – cite the differences between the suave, sexy, be-gadgeted Connery, Lazenby, Moore, and Brosnan, and the more emotional, brutish Craig. One is tortured with the thought of … Continue reading

Casting, Acting, Directing

Sometimes good actors choose bad characters. Sometimes, characters are poorly conceived and poorly cast. Sometimes the storylines just aren’t redeemable. Sometimes, shows are misdirected, but manage to salvage themselves. Sometimes multiple factors go into making bad art, and you’re not exactly sure what happened. Today, we will focus on two characters who are implausibly bad. … Continue reading