#LostGirl: Season 05, Episode 05, It’s Your Lucky Fae

Sometimes, a cut is just a cut.

And sometimes, it’s something more.

The opening scene ends with the camera on Bo’s card, reading “Love Daddy.” The cut to the next scene lands us on a man saying he ‘up and left’ and is reclaiming ‘who I used to be’, both of which could be Hades-esque. Whoever he is, he’s soon to prove he also has some incubus-like mojo going, quickly turning Cassie from bored and annoyed to turned on.

Using this restaurant for both date scenes saves a whole extra company move, setup, etc. Very nice, producers.

But whether it’s Bo’s actual dad or not: he’s dressed like that, while on a blind date, with a girl, on Lost Girl. It’s pretty obvious he’s up to no good, and so we fear for Cassie. Cassie, who is way hotter dressed as not an over-the-top stereotype. (Just a fact. Aspiring wardrobe artists, take note.) She’s also at least a little bit gay. Again, Lost Girl! Where if someone’s not at least a little gay, give them a few more episodes.*

After the two get back to Cassie’s place, our fears are confirmed pretty quickly. Specifics are left until much later in the episode; which is generally effective, as it is here. The next thing we see of Cassie, several minutes later, is Tamsin and Bo through a fish-eye lens (conveying distortion and surreality) going into an apartment covered with so much blood you wonder if even a supernatural being can survive it. Next, again a few scenes later, we get a frenzied phone call. Then close-ups of manacled hands and a hammer driving a stake through chains into the ground and a bandaged face. Finally, two-thirds of the way through the episode, we get the full reveal of what has happened – she’s been forced to gouge out her own eyes, and with an icecream scoop, no less. Stringing out this reveal is highly effective, even with the low budget and relatively low gore factor.

Mostly throwing fake blood everywhere.

On the flip side of this dark tale we get a light, absurdist one where Bo literally turns into a cat. They reference kittens, and Bo purrs, and sleeps in a box, and they call in a wolf to deal with her . . . I mean, they hit that whole thing pretty hard. It’s like they said “let’s have as much juxtaposition as possible!” Where the first story is horrific and suggestive of very dark things, this one embraces the camp and the comedy, and the settings – Cassie in a lowly lit restaurant, her dim apartment, the dark underground cavern; Bo and Tamsin and Lauren mostly outdoors and in a convertible – underscore the disparities.

The B-plot starts with Tamsin’s realization they’ve forgotten Bo’s birthday. Tamsin goes straight to Lauren for some shopping, and together they stumble upon a magic pussy. Zoie Palmer’s line readings in this scene – and really all the scenes where she’s required to interact with the cat prop, are completely priceless. “The cat is also from me.” Skarsten in turn gives plenty of eyebrow raises and exasperated facial responses. “Who hurt you?” These two have very different strengths, but them playing off each other is great, and I want to know why it took so long to get them on screen together.

Interesting choice, shooting from inside the store here.

Tamsin has some ulterior motives in trying to make Bo’s birthday a good one, as well as trying to get Bo alone. She’s been really yearning this whole season, and she finally decides to go for it. Despite sleeping with Tamsin, I’m very unsure Bo has any idea of the depths of feelings going on there, or if she’s being a bit thoughtless here and focusing on the delicious cupcakes without considering the cupcakes’ emotional feelings. All the delicious cupcakes . . .

Wait, we cut away!? Why are we getting no sex scenes this season? They’ve always just gone for it, though sometimes cutting things for American audiences on the rebroadcast. What’s changed? Especially knowing this was the last season, why are they being conservative now?

Anyways. So as I don’t sound shallow, I’ll stop complaining about the fact we’ve not gotten any real on-screen sex yet this season. If the sex scene doesn’t exactly deliver, the pillow talk afterwards is good. Tamsin is really the one with a comparative experience to what Bo is going through, supernatural-parentage-wise. There’s an emotional need Tamsin can address, which is definitely put out in the open with this conversation. But again, we don’t linger on Teh Deep Emotions for long.

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 10.02.19 PM

Besides having fun with cats and highlighting emotional parallels, the whole plotline takes the opportunity to delve into Palmer’s physical comedy chops, going full slapstick with Lauren’s shit luck. Head over heels, check. Face in a cake, check. Getting a cramp in the hand she was obviously hoping to use later, check.

It also has a neat little bit of character continuity, what with Lauren baking to relieve some stress and because she’s good at it, and Tamsin delegating tasks which require general social functionality, then going into cop mode investigating Cassie’s disappearance.

In addition to their various personal strengths, we get clear verbal indicators Lauren and Tamsin are 1. hanging out off-screen 2. examining each other (For a mole. Uh-huh. Okay.) 3. operating more as a team, as in “Tamsin and I are putting our foot down.”

All this comfortable interaction just highlights the awkward tension when they end up at loggerheads over Bo. Them fighting like the Odd Couple: hilarious. There being some tension between them: almost makes you wonder if they’re going to throw down, and then throw down. But them being catty (see what I did there?): this part is getting more unbelievable alongside their beginnings of a beautiful friendship. Something has to come to a head, and soon.

It's always fun to check out the details of TV shows' fake websites

Speaking of coming to a head, our last component is a C-plot involving Vex and Mark and two beautiful and nefarious women who distract and conquer.

Initially Mark and Vex clash, but they they realize they’d be better teaming up. There’s a bit of humor to be had in Dyson’s son turning out to be quite similar to the guy he loathes the most, and when he confronts both of them it’s two against one. This certainly eggs on Dyson’s “I AM DAD YOU WILL LISTEN THERE IS DESTINYYYYYY TO BE FULFILLED” routine, since he would feel that’s his Responsibility, capital R. Yes, it makes sense for the character that he’d jump straight to this sort of reaction. Yes, Mark and Vex totally deserved it. On the other hand, taking Dyson super-serious for long periods of time is not good. So long as they recognize that and don’t ride it the rest of the season like they did the ‘lost love,’ it’ll be fine. Fingers crossed.

Dyson’s lecture, even if it had been listened to, would have been too late anyways. The two girls have gotten what they wanted, and Mr. Big Bad is skimming the signature page (using the middle finger – relevant to the finger gifted to Bo?). If I remember correctly, we haven’t seen Trick’s book since early Season 2, when Cayden signed in. But he did make a big deal of it when Bo signed it, and it would have practically all the names of the Fae, so if Mr. Big Bad is using it to obtain ‘true power’ of various Fae, he’s going to have quite a bit.

fisheye lens to duplicate the idea of a peephole

There’s a lot of belief in names containing true power. I don’t know I’ve heard it about signatures themselves, other than the obvious sort of signing in blood, or signing a contract with the devil, etc.

Of course there’s a theory that your personality is show in your signature, but I think they’re taking this quite a bit further. Exactly how remains to be seen, as does what he plans to do with all those eyes (build something? Make a potion? Put the eyes into the three human bodies lifted from the morgue?).

Can we assume Horatio is the same as blonde lady? Maybe a god who can possess dead bodies and drive people insane? Or perhaps they’re brother and sister; he tells Cassie he has a ‘party girl’ sister, and Hot Voyeur Girl who stole the books says ‘I serve my keepers,’ as in plural, so perhaps we have two Big Bads, related gods. So: what brother/sister duo do we know in mythology with these sorts of powers?

OR! Since everything this season is revolving around threes, what if it’s three siblings? Three bodies. Three oracles. Three sets of eyes. Three parts of the triskelion. The three Norn (though since they had something specifically called a Norn before, perhaps these three oracles are meant to stand in for the Norn/Fates). Three siblings / Big Bads.

So if they’re three of the same, and not at all Hades, then who? It was suggested to me Loki had three children – one who was Hel, one of whom was a serpent (they didn’t have to show the blonde’s tongue, but they made a great point to), and one of whom was the wolf Fenrir, whose myth is tied into Odin’s (we are getting a lot of Norse mythology). Hades also has three children, the fairly obscure Macaria, Melinoe and Zagreus.

Back to the eyes and what they may be used for. Besides oracles, what do we know about eyes being plucked out? We have Oedipus (Greek mythology again), and King Lear. I want to say there’s a woman who wandered crying after her eyes were removed, something vague is there in the back of my mind but Google does NOT help at all. Crows or other birds often pick out eyes. Eyes are often regarded as essential for second sight and are a specific symbol of power; Lear loses his kingdom along with his eyes. Eyes are pretty huge in most mythologies, including Norse, but this season is hitting Greek mythology pretty hard.

And now my head hurts.

This is all a bit of a stretch, really. An exercise in finding connections. I’m really wondering whether we’ll get a specific answer as to who son of these bit players are, or if the writers are going ‘ok so this kid of Loki’s has a snake tongue. Let’s use that as a sex thing!’ But then, these ideas and images are showing up in multiple places (most notable Tamsin’s diary) a number of times. Maybe they really have a Master Plan. Which I’ll believe when I see.

Either way, this feels like it’s all tied into the same arc. I’ll be happy if they’re actually starting the big arc so soon in the season, even if it’s still a tad discombobulated at this point. It needs to be introduced and firmly established early so it can play out over several episodes, not merely hinted at until the last three.

And now I feel like I’m ending this review on the same note I’ve ended the last couple: I just am not sure yet how all this fits into the big picture. The episode itself is fine. Fun character interaction. Some dark shit, some light pratfalls. Some truly priceless work. Some things we could do without. What’s important is how this piece fits into the overall puzzle.

Pictured: commitment to the bit.

Stray Observations

*Joking aside: the thing is, even with canonically straight characters, Lost Girl doesn’t do stringent socially imposed boundaries. Hale and Dyson are a bonded pair. Dyson gets reeeeeeally close with his old packmate. Kenzi is very confident in her straightness, but has no problem making out with Bo for a good cause; well, two good causes. ‘Being straight’ doesn’t mean you have to be militant about establishing said straightness, or avoiding homosocial interaction, or y’know, not kissing or wrestling with your best friend every once in a while, and liking it. Sometimes Lost Girl trades in hyperidealism, and this is one of those times.

 – I laughed pretty hard at “Thanks . . . You too.” Because who hasn’t been there in the moment, unable to think of a single other thing to say?

 – I did call Bo falling and landing on her feet about 6 minutes before it happened, though I thought they might have her falling out a window. I have three witnesses.

 – We’ve seen Cassie just one other time since S1, but when Seymour appeared, along with lots of ‘luck talk,’ I was definitely cheering for Mayer. Whether they couldn’t get the actor back or what, they wrote him off with a line about the Una Mens killing him. Which, sure, makes sense, but also makes me sad.

 – If Mr Big Bad is actually daddy, at least Bo didn’t sleep with him. Yet.

 – Meanwhile when Hot Voyeur Girl is talking about her keepers, she’s touching her bracelet. It could be the source of whatever power she has, but more likely it’s her ‘collar’, similar to Lauren’s old necklace. Speaking of, I hope we’re going to see said minion again. Chick as minions, good. Both because it’s a genderflip and also because hawt.

 – Bo’s Fae Date username is a play on Anna Silk’s actual name. ‘Heratio’ is a bit eye-roll inducing, though.

 – You know that cake is doomed by asshole the second Lauren walks into the Dal. There’s lots of telegraphing in this episode.

23 Responses to “#LostGirl: Season 05, Episode 05, It’s Your Lucky Fae”
  1. chick666 says:

    “We’ve seen Cassie once since S1…” Really? Once? Try again.
    (Why do I get the sneaky suspicion that you’re not actually w-a-t-c-h-i-n-g the episodes, but reading someone’s Cliff Notes about them?)

    • Melanie says:

      Other than her guiding Bo with the Red String of Fate, I didn’t remember seeing her again until now. I could be forgetting something, though.

      • You’re right. Up until her appearance in this episode, Cassie previously appeared in ep105 & ep407. She’s also listed on the Lost Girl IMDB page as being in ep507.

      • chick666 says:

        “We’ve seen Cassie once since S1, but when Seymour appeared, along with lots of ‘luck talk,’ I was definitely cheering for Mayer.”

        You know (as I do) the power of words and how easily a wording not completely thought-through can create a different understanding than what was intended. For me, the sentence suggested ‘until now we haven’t seen Cassie since S1’. Your response indicates that it was not what it was intended to mean. I apologize for the misunderstanding.

        • Melanie says:

          Ah, I do see what you’re saying. I’m on mobile now (and editing WordPress on mobile is . . . A challenge) but when I get back to a computer I’ll make it clearer. Thanks.

    • Emily says:

      Calm down, you.

  2. Nice review.

    I’ve been enjoying a lot the new character dynamics this season, this cast is one of the big strengths of this show, in my opinion. Hooking Bo with Tamsin felt absolutely off to me, mostly for reasons you mentioned; granted, I personaly hate love triangles, so I could be biased, but they are/were doing so good with Tamsin/Lauren that I am so not looking forward to a cat fight.
    And this apparent disregard coming from Bo on the very open feelings this family of hers has shown them, a) makes no sense to me plot-wise, not even as a card to remind viewers that Bo is a succubus; that could be filled with real-no-strings-attached sex with strangers, like they did in 5×04 and b) is making me lose empathy for Bo again -I had the same issue last season-, which is really off-putting since she’s the main character and Anna Silk is doing a lovely job (seriously, the acting this season is great). “Something has to come to a head, and soon.” <== this.

    The absence of on-screen sex made me think too. Writers took their time in clarifying where Dyson stands in Bo's love life now and at last gave him a storyline of his own. Bo loves him as a friend, she's his new queen and he'll help her heal whenever she asks. We've always known him as a character who needs to serve others as his choice, so this status doesn't feel weird, and this only-friendship has been stated on screen by both Bo and Dyson.

    Bo and Lauren, in a positive or a negative way (depending on your ship, I assume) have been acknowledged this season. There have been Bo/Lauren interactions on every episode, there have been looks, cheesy lines and a bit of flirting coming from Lauren, awkwardness, "we're friends" and "she's my ex" lines casually thrown and the Lauren solo and Lauren/Tamsin moments this episode. There's also a necklace which magically disappeared and right now looks more like a merchandise move (albeit for a good cause) than a meaningful prop. But the promo picture and the connection between the two are undeniable, so I do think the writers are going there at some point. And if those two get in bed together, the way they have handled the sex with the other cast members, I guess it would highlight the importance of Lauren/Bo in a final way. Because as you say, this conservative turn does not make much sense to me either.

    Right now, with all the little and main juicy and interesting storylines thrown in (main arc, Lauren/Evony, Dyson/Mark…) suggesting mostly all characters have been given their own little journey, Bo's emotional life is very distracting and at this point in the series, at least for me, frankly boring. They have set the characters in a way that either a Bo/Lauren stable couple or even an open relationship with all parts aware and accepting, would work. When Bo mentioned in 5×03 that now she was an equal to Lauren, the doctor's answer was immediate, no-nonsense and pretty clear: no, you're a succubus and you'll go back to your succubus self; Lauren's acceptance of what Bo's nature entails is out of the question now. I think grounding Bo emotionally sooner than later would get distractions out of the way, allow the show to explore new territory and focus on the main plot and the characters' storylines and how it all affects them as an established family, which seems to be the theme this season.

    Other observations:

    -Kenzi is unreplaceable, please stop trying.
    -I approve of Mark/Vex and how this potential friendship plays with Dyson.
    -Where's Trick this season?
    -I don't think you forgot any other Cassie appearances: 1×05, 4×07, 5×05. I was sad at Mayer's death too, but at least they went for continuity there.
    -Thanks for sharing your reviews!

    • Melanie says:

      “this apparent disregard coming from Bo on the very open feelings this family of hers has shown . . . ” 1000x this.

      It’s like they want to have their Doccubus cake and eat it too. Show acknowledgement, show flirting, show that Lauren is obviously still in love and Bo is still at least somewhat aware, but keep teasing the actual consummation (or re-re-re-consummation, I guess).

      It’s a shame that Bo’s is one of the least interesting emotional journeys now, because there’s still so much narrative potential. Sticking her with mommy issues, then Rainer fever, then daddy issues, then making her relationship issues mostly about the other person [as is the case with Bo/Tamsin this season so far; until Tamsin finally snapped at her at the end of 5.07, the focus was squarely on what Tamsin felt/wanted from the relationship and Bo trying to avoid it . . . which Silk did a good job conveying, but there’s so much more there that didn’t and probably won’t get explored], just hasn’t done much with her as a character. Dyson overcoming prejudice, Lauren becoming a powerful figure in the Fae world, Tamsin’s search for redemption, are all closer to a boiling point. And damn, do I miss Kenzi, not just for Kenzi, but for the Kenzi/Bo dynamic.

      I will say, I think Lauren does accept Bo’s nature and what it entails; for Bo, for Lauren, for their relationship if it comes back to that. But Bo does still have some growing up to do.

  3. Tristen says:

    I have been thinking about all the Greek mythology they are hitting us with. My guess on who the gang is going to be up against is NOT Bo’s father. I think the 3 post-dead-now-fea people are 3 Titans who have escaped Tartarus thanks to Bo and her removing and lighting the candle. Maybe they will use the book to render all Fea powerless and bring forth ALL the Titans locked in Tartarus. I think Bo’s father is not the EVIL they keep making us think he is. If he really is Hades, he is not an evil character in Greek mythology.

    The TamBo is obviouly a way to make the Doccubus fans worry. I think this ploy by the producers will backfire on them. Doccubus fans don’t like to be maniputated and the show is close to losing it only real fanbase. I think the other fans are more casual fans. It just goes to show that the more AWARDS a couple wins the more the writers push back agiainst the couple. They offer crumbs with no substance. Doccubus might still happen at the end of the series late in 2015, but will the ride be worth it ? No for me.

    • Melanie says:

      Your theory on titans is certainly as plausible. We are getting all sorts of kids, and not having them be related makes it a little easier to assign them all disparate powers which fit the story; plus Horatio could have been using ‘sister’ loosely. etc.

      The only reason I think they wouldn’t go that way is scale. For budgetary / logistics reasons, they tend to steer far clear of anything involving a big fight. Last season’s finale was as close as we’ve gotten, and anyone the Main Gang was fighting was essentially a shadowy extra. Bringing the Titans forth would mean a lot of extra characters, a big end battle, etc. Maybe since it’s the end of the show, they do go for that? I feel like they pushed to get extra budget to shoot the last 3 episodes after they realized it’d be the last season, and probably weren’t planning on a huge showdown at first, and wouldn’t have cash for it after that, either.

      If Bo’s dad shows up as Hades and he’s actually this really misunderstood good guy, I’ll be a little amused, especially since her other relatives (Aife, Trick, Persephone, possibly Isabeau) have turned out various shades of nefarious.

      • Tristen says:

        I never said that they would be successful at bringing forth the other Titans. I just think that these 3 are Titans and this is what they are trying to do. The Titans ruled before the Olympians and all the Gods are related (brothers marring sisters, etc …) So it would fit what is happening on a smaller scale with Bo having sex with everyone of her “family members”. These are just guesses on my part .. but Trck is going to play a big part in this IMO. He said last season that HE was the first son of the earth. IMO … he might be behind the imprisonment of these people from Tartarus.. Or maybe not.

        • Melanie says:

          Ha! Fair enough, you certainly said nothing about successfulness.

          I absolutely agree about Trick. He’s so nefarious and there’s so much potential with his blood-king-ness. Hope they don’t waste that.

  4. darkrat says:

    The three blinded oracles could represent the Graeae, the Gray Hags, who were sightless (actually they shared one eye – and one tooth – between them) and who were prophetic/keepers of mysteries. They could also be the Moirai, the three fates, who controlled human destiny/fate and could see the past, present, and future. The Moirai were not blind, but it could be that Lost Girl is combining them with the Graeae, which would make sense considering their penchant for mixing mythology. Cassandra, in Greek myth, was gifted by Apollo with prophetic powers but was also cursed by him to never have her prophecies believed. Many people believed she was insane because of this curse and, I’m sure, made Cassandra’s life very lonely. She was later taken captive by Agamemnon, following the sack of Troy, and was killed by Agamemnon’s wife, Clytemnestra, and Clytemnestra’s lover. In Aeschylus’ “The Agamemnon”, Cassandra foresaw her own death and bravely stepped forward to be killed, saying she would finally be able to close her eyes and sleep. Perhaps by plucking out her eyes, Cassie was metaphorically shutting her eyes to the end she saw coming for everyone.

    And then there is Iris, the woman who stole Trick’s sign-in book this episode (I didn’t know that was her name until I watched the enhanced version on Showcase). Iris was the Greek messenger of the gods, riding down to earth on a rainbow (note the shimmering lights she congers for Mark). She was most often represented as Zeus’ personal messenger, is a daughter of two of the Titans, and is Zeus’ cousin.

    As for Horatio (spelled on the closed-captioning and on IIMDb as “Heratio”) — I’m guessing that they are hinting that he is Zeus, whose wife and sister was Hera. Zeus is also, of course, the god associated with lightning/unharnessed electricity which makes sense considering the storm that followed the discovery of the Triskelion and the electrical charge left on the dead body in Elizabeth’s apartment.

    Elizabeth, the blonde woman from the elevator, would then be one of Zeus’ sisters – Hera, Demeter, or Hestia. None of who are particularly “party girls”, as Heratio mentions in the episode. However, the writers could be playing loosey goosey with the very, very, very inbred family tree and the “sister” could turn out to be one of Zeus’ many daughters. (As an aside, I looked up the meaning of the name Elizabeth – it’s Greek from the Hebrew, meaning something along the lines of “the oath of God” or “God’s bounty”.) I’ve already predicted that Elizabeth is Demeter, but – at this point – Hera would be a good bet as well. Again, since Lost Girl likes to play around with mythology, they all may turn out to be altogether different gods/beings.

    ***SPOILERS (possibly)*** I don’t think that we’ve seen Hades yet. My prediction is that Eric Roberts is playing Bo’s dad and is using Bo and other members of his family to help him escape from Tartarus – assuming he hasn’t already done so. Still in denial that he was possibly the “ghost” in the scene with Lauren…la la la la la!…

    • Melanie says:

      I have a gut feel they’re closer to the three fates, in a bit of a remix with other mythology. Couldn’t quite put a finger on why.

      “Perhaps by plucking out her eyes, Cassie was metaphorically shutting her eyes to the end she saw coming for everyone.” That’s rather horribly beautiful, which in itself is the essential heart of Greek tragedy.

      Iris! Thank you for that. That’s great to know. And now that makes sense with the power she exhibited, as well. Speaking of me slightly missing cues, I thought the ‘Heratio’ was just what he used on the dating site, trying to be funny and flirty. But reading it as a nod to Hera puts it in a different light. If someone’s power is going to be in their signature, then we can bet these gods and the writers are also going to put great stock in names; Iris, Heratio (including spelling), Elizabeth, etc, should all be taken as significant.

      The fact Lost Girl does so bastardize mythology means all of the above speculation could be completely accurate, and yet there’s no guarantee anyone will act anything whatsoever like their mythological counterparts. So puzzling out all this stuff is fascinating, even though it doesn’t help me feel I have a true grasp on where the plot arc is going. That said, I buy your prediction. It could definitely work.

  5. nypinta says:

    I think they cut away from Tamsin and Bo because RS didn’t allow for nudity in her contract or something. Her character talks a lot about sex and her encounters, but even when she was with Dyson the sex was implied only. As for Dyson and Bo in the episode previous, I think it was because they wanted to get to the part where Tamsin and Lauren are outside to mirror Kenzi and Hale in Season 1 after Bo tried to take on a Frost Giant and Dyson had to heal her. They skipped past Bo and Mark too because, well, maybe someone recognzied it was a bit ew because of the age difference? I dunno.

    It’s being speculated that Heratio is actually Hera and she is in the body of a male human and Elizabeth (is that Amanda Walsh’s character name?) is Zeus, because of the lightening that seems to happen around her. I suspect still that Bo’s father isn’t the big bad she assumes or has been told. Aife didn’t tell her directly what happened and Bo only got it second hand from Persephone and I’m not sure we can take what she says as gospel.

    I loved though how Cassie’s situation mirrors Bo’s and it was portrayed quite well in the time they had. Seeing her Fae Date “ambition” was kind of heart breaking, right? She was being used by her family. Bo’s family is trying to do the same. And maybe Cassie was inspiried to try living life on her own terms after meeting Bo, so Bo is having an influence on the fae. (Just like Evony worried she would. Go Bo!) But also once Bo confessed what she learned in Hel, and it’s a whopper, she does to someone who like her was created for a purpose and Tamsin is pretty much the only other character that knows what that is like and has broken away from it. So, like Lauren said, Tamsin can be horrible but sometimes she is exactly what is needed.

    This episode had so much goodness. Really. I loved it.

    • Melanie says:

      I initially thought exactly that: that it was a Skarsten contract issue. But two things make me wonder: first, surely they knew her character, and would have negotiated for an actress whose contract was amenable to more sex. Second, she seems to have taken other roles which allowed for much more nudity / sexuality. I think you’re right about the specific choices mirroring S1 sex with Dyson as well as forcing a Tamsin/Lauren moment, but it doesn’t explain how we just . . . haven’t gotten much on-screen sex.

      I’m really not complaining (I’m a fan of heavy suggestion and making the audience think they’ve seen more than they’ve actually seen – currently Arrow on the CW is doing a damned fine job of that), but I just don’t know why this season seems so different so far, in terms of sex.

      The ‘mispelling’ of ‘Heratio’ seems to support that, as do some of the other points you [and darkrat above] make. I would totally buy that. I’d also buy Persephone not being forthright, and Bo’s dad not being a super-baddie.

      We seem to be getting another episode of Cassie, so I hope she seems able to break free of what her family / everyone around her has used her for, and make her own destiny. Since much of her path does seem to be mirroring Bo’s, perhaps her making her own way (with or without sight or powers) will foreshadow a glimmer of hope for Bo, as well.

      The more I think on this episode, the more I liked it. Mark still seems an unnecessary character to the show, just someone to forward the C-plots (but probably play a big role in the showdown somehow, a la Dawn on Buffy), but I think there was some good character work, some arc forwarding, some slapstick, some Serious Bizness, some embracing the absurdity, and a pretty decent balance between them all. Genre TV at work.

  6. chick666 says:

    I re-listened to the dialog in this episode between Tamsin and Lauren walking in the woods behind Bo, and it reminded me of a previous exchange between Tamsin and Lauren. It’s the same goading and hubris, only now the delivery is sugar-coated. Is Tamsin 2.0 really that much different than Tamsin 1.0? Only time will tell. But why the persistence in provoking Lauren? There’s a purpose for continuing down this storyline. To what end?


    TAMSIN: You know … you think you’re the only one in the race. Well, guess what, there’s a new pony on the green.
    LAUREN: Racing or golf — pick a metaphor.
    TAMSIN: Like it or not, Bo and I are getting closer. Not just because we’re living together. There’s something … amazing happening.
    LAUREN: I’m very happy for you. Still worried about Bo.

    3×10 (Tamsin appears at Lauren’s apartment to collect one hair for the Druid’s rune glass)

    LAUREN: What are you doing here?
    TAMSIN: You’re not really a … big fan of me, are you?
    LAUREN: Well, in light of recent events, no.
    TAMSIN: Is this about the kiss? Between Bo and I?
    LAUREN: What?
    TAMSIN: Because it was only that once. Wasn’t really that big a deal. Heck … she didn’t even feed off of me.

    • Melanie says:

      They’ve got it quite both ways with Tamsin 2.0. In whatever way they wanted to tweak the character they can, because she’s ‘new’ and had a different experience and Kenzi as a mom figure, etc. But in whatever way they want to make her similar to S3 Tamsin, they can, because they’re obviously going the route where fundamental personality traits carry through from lifetime to lifetime. It’s almost too easy, but you have to admit it’s nice from a writing POV.

      Why the persistence in provoking Lauren (and in last night’s episode, some more of the other way too), indeed. Especially since the two of them seem to be getting along much better outside of the Bo/triangle dynamic. I honestly can’t tell if they’re pushing the two towards a showdown, or towards a frenemy sort of turn, or towards something more ‘love springs from conflict.’ No idea. Guess there’s not a lot of real estate left, so we’ll find out soon enough.

      • chick666 says:

        This Tamsin of the latest episode (5×06) is also displaying a tremendous immaturity. In the scene at The Dal, where she fawns about the football player being “hot”, the juxtaposition between her – Lauren – Dyson couldn’t have been more obvious. She’s clearly jealous of Lauren. Possessive of Bo. And presumptuous about the relationship that exists between her and Bo (Bo referred to herself and Tamsin as “roommates” — Tamsin referred to herself and Bo as “girlfriends”).

        Will hell hath no fury like a Valkyrie scorned?

    • R Thomas says:

      Don’t hate me for responding to this so late but your comment just made me think of something. Tamsin was sent by Bo’s father. Bo without Lauren is Fae Bo, what Hades wanted. So it all makes sense why she interfered with their relationship and constantly tried to keep them apart until Hades showed up and did it himself.
      I could be wrong but I never saw her react that way with Dyson when it came to Bo. Although she didn’t like their hug in 4/13, she didn’t seem to go to such petty extremes with him.

  7. Maigray says:

    I was surprised and a bit miffed at the lack of a more explicit sex scene too. It’s something I expect from the show, and I tend to be invested in their same sex or non-traditional (threesomes, whatnot) scenes for purposes of representation.

    It feels like sex started to diminish in the latter half of S3, but I really pinpointed it when Lauren and Bo were reunited in 405. I remember Emily Andras, in her interview afterwards, said they deliberately made that choice because they wanted to give that relationship more of a romantic feel.

    At the time, they were still keeping some hefty sex scenes between Dyson and Bo, and also between Lauren and Crystal. They did very little with Rainier, and they were very cagey about if something might have happened with Tamsin in S4, which I was shocked about.

    They also showed nothing with Dyson in 503, or with Mark in 504. But they definitely stretched a bit with Persephone in 502 and I thought they were as graphic as they could be in oral sex scenes with Mark in 505 and also between Evony and Lauren in 412. Not sure what’s up.

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