#LostGirl: Season 05, Episode 02, “Like Hell pt 2”

Cold open to a grave.

Shooting in a coffin doesn’t exactly allow for a lot of options, but the way the camera travels down Kenzi’s body is definitely reminiscent of the camera traveling down Bo’s naked-but-draped-in-a-sheet body from S1, the image which was used behind the opening credits for the first four seasons.

Twice in two episodes they subvert expectations about how they’d hold us in suspense for finding Kenzi. I don’t mind them not dragging it out, I’m just a little surprised.

Pleasantly surprised at first, as we get quickly to some Team Human shenanigans. Drinking vodka together, playing with mystical relics, Lauren unleashing a little physical whoopass, science lingo plus smartass jargon.

Beakers as alcohol containers: lovely touch. Nice reverse here. Just basics, executed well.

Unpleasantly surprised at the last, because it becomes apparent they needed to get Solo’s arc done with to usher her to the wings. Kenzi doesn’t even dress up her leaving as needing space, it’s presented as a ‘goodbye,’ and a very sudden one at that. Kenzi blows away a ghost, dusts her hands, opines ‘Damn. Fae just keep coming back.’ and then jets.

There’s no doubt in my mind she returns. It looks as if Solo needed time on other shoots and returned more out of affinity for the series, but my guess is knowing how many episodes they had, they made sure she was in the last episodes. Part depends on whether they wrote her in before they knew they had three extra episodes to play with, but my guess is we see her return around Episode 9 or 10.

In the meantime, it looks like we’ll have Bo, Lauren, Tamsin, and Trick keeping things going. They’ve now got established rythyms in each others’ lives; Bo and Dyson seem to have gotten past their high school malarky, Dyson texts about Lauren, Lauren calls Dyson, Dyson and Tamsin pinky swear to be friends, Tamsin steps in to protect Lauren and later gives Lauren a knowing look when she retires to the cask room with Bo. Even without the Kenzi glue, the team can get along . . . just, there’s no way in Tartarus it will be the same.

Here I go beating that drum again, but the candle is so central to the Cupid/Psyche myth.

Tartarus, meanwhile, is just Valhalla lit with blue gels. Rule number thirty-something of low-budget filmmaking, use the hell out of your sets and make the most out of your props. Some of the stone objects seem lifted from Xena, and sometimes the dim lighting is frustrating, sometimes it’s obviously covering for CGI, as when we pan up for a maze overview.

Bo solves the maze and puzzles presented pretty quickly, starting with kicking one such puzzle into submission rather than use her touch. Meanwhile Dyson, knowing he can’t beat Stacy, pulls out the ages-old smoothness and flirts with her. Interesting reversal of tactics, Dyson leveraging sex and Bo violence.

In fact there are a LOT of role reversals in this episode, many of them revolving around Bo. So many aspects of her story are historically male. The idea of her being bred as a power play, groomed to rule the underworld/lead armies. Wandering lost. The way she slept with her stepmother and is out to kill her father; and don’t forget she kissed her actual mother, too, back in Season 1. Her journey to the underworld on a quest is typically male heroism in mythology, although it’s also very reminiscent of another show with strong, complicated female leads; Xena. Even the way Bo’s sitting at Trick’s right hand for dinner can be interpreted that way. Not that I read into seating arrangements.

If they have this much incest but a problem with poly, then I give up.

We get several other callbacks and meta commentary. We see the kimono again; Bo explicitly choosing found family over biological (and I think her line in the elevator about being taught to fight by mom is a shout-out to her adoptive mom, but it read a bit weird to me); Dyson being super earnest about some of his past actions then getting called a tool; drenching Lauren’s lab in that cool blue light; Dyson mentioning Evony offhand and seemingly disposing of that plotline, at least for now; oh, and incest.

Yes, Bo kissed her mom before, and then her mom raped her boyfriend. But nothing prepared me for the weight of what we got here.

Genre TV, like mythology before it, has always been a place to explore both social mores/taboos, and heavy topics through metaphor. But this episode goes all-out on themes they’ve skimmed by before. Bo full-on screws her stepmom, who actually happens to have a very incest-heavy backstory. Dyson makes out hot and heavy with the sister of the girl he’s sleeping with. And then there’s a secondary theory about that whole Lauren scene.

When chests open up like this, leave the damn house.

I should lead with the fact I’m not actually a fan of this theory. Maybe it gets dropped. Maybe it’s sprung as a gotcha in a couple episodes. I’m not sure what I think. But there are three things which I think support it. Hang on.

Throughout the episode, the way the Lauren/Kenzi story is intercut with Bo’s story makes us think that the two are related; Bo is wandering lost when the word HELP appears in Lauren’s lab, Bo is having sex when Lauren is being disrobed, etc. At the denouement, we’re supposed to assume that everything we attributed to Bo is attributable to the ghost, which is super terrible/rapey as it stands. But there’s another option, and that is the ghost was released when Kenzi and Lauren burned the board, not before, meanwhile valkyrie aren’t the only ones interested in fucking with people Bo love. Hades is. And one of Hades’ big attributes is, he has a helmet which renders him invisible. And other than incest and Herculean tasks, what does mythology love? Trickery in sex.

What I’m saying is, in an episode already laden with incest, in an episode dealing with mythology, in a genre which practically prides itself in the macabre and strange and mystical pregnancies, in an episode structured to mislead, and in dealing with a god whose main selling points include rape and being invisible, when Lauren mentions that “it had some patented Bo moves,” that suggests it’s possible that Hades was the one in bed with Lauren.

There you have it, let’s hope it’s wrong.

Including that theory, I’m not totally positive what to make of this episode. It neatly ties up the Kenzi bit, and surely sets the stage for some longer arcs to come. There are hints of Buffy‘s scooby gang, albeit without Kenzi, who could play the Giles role and return to help save the day. This episode is definitely aware of others in its genre, with especially Xena hanging over almost every scene. It has what seems to be insignificant ghost filler, unless they’re really going to use that to set up something/one else becoming corporeal. Like another episode (though on a much lesser scale), the journey is too full of random objects, whiplashy, and subjective: rules and objectives seemingly made up on the fly, consequences glancing or not fully explained. It’s an episode which has some good scenes, ties some things up, gets some laughs. It fulfills some necessary housework; specifically, wrapping up Solo’s bit and continuing to establish what about last season is sticking and what is getting swept under the rug, as I mentioned last week. It has a lot of literal symbolism and light/dark dichotomy. There are a couple really pretty moments, like the shot of Bo tearing the boards off the clubhouse wall, or the wide shot of a deserted Tartarus. But overall, I think this is an episode which can be better and more fully judged in context, when we get where it’s all headed.

That's a good way to dislocate both shoulders.

Stray Observations

– Can anyone enlighten me about that that throwaway history teacher / rugby line? I feel I missed something.

– So much easier to give characters clear liquor, so actors can drink water. Doing apple juice, fake beer, etc for take after take can not only be more tiring, but also very calorie-laden. In the case of fake beer, foam and continuity are a pain to maintain. And it’s much harder to do a spit bucket for beverages than food. What I’m saying is: vodka drinking and tequila shooting are the easiest.

– I know there’s mythology to base a trickster who projects voices of loved ones. But seeing the timing, it’s also very reminiscent of a Jabberjay.

– Trick calls it his ‘lair,’ and Dyson agrees with me Trick is nefarious. 

– Hey. Pillows, decorative or no, have their place.

– “It kissed my neck!”

22 Responses to “#LostGirl: Season 05, Episode 02, “Like Hell pt 2””
  1. alexis says:

    Love your reviews!

    I think the line about the teacher/rugby player’s thighs was simply supposed to explain Bo’s unusual recall of the mythological tidbit about Persephone and the pomegranate seeds. Bo is quick on her feet but not intellectual or a usual source of exposition on this show.

    • Melanie says:

      Ah. Going back and watching it again with that in mind, it clicked. Maybe if she’d said ‘literature’ teacher and not history? I don’t know, but it definitely flew by me. Thanks for the explanation! Very helpful; it was bugging me.

  2. keds says:

    Nice piece. I had forgotten about Hades helmet of invisibility. Yipes, let’s hope that wasn’t it. I really appreciated your take on the role reversals; it felt spot on.

    • Melanie says:

      Most of me thinks ‘the show won’t actually go there.’ But a small part of me remembers what other genre shows have done, and remembers the writers knew this was the last season, and remembers how truly twisted mythology is, and thinks ‘well, maybe.’

      The reversals thing having actually happened makes it much easier to go on about. And I’m a big fan of that.

  3. I didn’t imagine Lost Girl or any TV/popular movie would venture into the rape/incest filled Greek mythology and actually show rape and incest. The Norse mythology of nature and war and violence, the emphasis in past seasons, seemed more adaptable to our Hollywood entertainment norms of physical but rarely sexual violence, and almost never incest. But I am interested, if still a bit queasy, as to what Lost Girl does with the Greek myths.

    • Melanie says:

      Other shows like Game of Thrones have plotlines involving incest, so maybe it’s trickling down for other shows to talk about it as well? Lost Girl did nodded to it all the way back in S1, but I too am surprised they went straight for the ‘I’m your stepmother” revelation. While not ‘actually’ incest, it’s still in that generally taboo range. And Persephone has a lot of similarly dark stuff going on in her mythos. It’s not something I was expecting on what’s essentially network TV, is all.

  4. Tristen says:

    The intertwined sex scenes in part 2 was just a different way of showing a Bo & Lauren sex scene. The writers are trying to be fresh in thier aproch to writing sex scenes.

    Mythology is filled with incest and rape as is true history. Hades abduction of Persephone IS called The Rape of Persephone.

    • Melanie says:

      And I do like intercutting sex scenes as a technique. But it was made clear that it wasn’t Bo with Lauren, and it has to be someone, and the offhand comment (plus the mythology tie-in) at least leaves the door open for it to have been Hades.

      I’m not squicky about culture talking about rape, whether doing so outright or through metaphor. I just need it to be clear that rape is what’s happened. LG dropped the ball not calling Dyson’s rape just that, and if it’s not pointed out Lauren’s assault was just that, I’ll be disappointed. It looks like it’ll either be dropped, or it’ll have to be very clear it was rape. I don’t see a middle ground.

  5. darkrat says:

    Thank you for your commentary on this episode. I always look forward to hearing your opinion, particularly when the Lost Girl writers delve into the murky end of the pool — mainly because they have a tendency to drop in very weighty issues and then paddle away without actually dealing with the consequences. In this episode, they introduce a rape scene in what is otherwise a very light-hearted B-plot and also initially present it as a sensual/romantic scene, leading us to believe that it is happening via Bo’s connection with Lauren. Later, when it’s revealed it was actually a ghost, it’s presented as a joke – so much so that even Lauren quips about it. After the episode ended I was left with trying to figure out what the ghost’s (not to mention the writers’) motivation was: first the ghost asks for help, then it seduces/rapes Lauren, then it takes on a more poltergeist-y role, and finally it tries to kill Lauren. I couldn’t make it fit together, which – after last season – really isn’t anything new on Lost Girl, but still… So when I read the theory about Hades, it all clicked together in a very disturbing but very true-to-Greek-mythology way (my first degree is in the Classics, so I’m also almost ashamed I didn’t think of it sooner. I did remember the myth of Eros and Psyche and kept trying to draw parallels to that story – Psyche’s quest, the invisible lover, lighting a candle/letting in the light to reveal what’s hidden in the dark, etc.)

    The Hades theory also makes sense in light of the many stories of Greek gods taking on the guise of a spouse or lover in order to sleep with the person of their current obsession (generally, but not always, a mortal woman.) Like you, I’m not very comfortable/happy with this theory, but I have to say that it is a convincing one. The writers certainly don’t shy away from other Greek tragedy themes such as incest and patricide. And if the LG Hades is as evil as the writers would have us believe, he certainly could employ sexual trickery and rape to get at/manipulate Bo and the people she cares about. And who’s to say Hades can’t gender-bend when he wants to make Lauren think that he’s Bo or to make an elevator full of people think he’s a woman on a cellphone? (Okay, I also thought the woman on the elevator could be Artemis or, possibly, a very angry Demeter, who’s willing to destroy the world in order to find her daughter. I guess we’ll find out next week – maybe??)

    To counter the Hades theory, the writers have also suggested that Hades is still trapped in Tartarus which would indicate it wasn’t him – unless he sent a minion. If the Hades theory is correct though, my only hope is that they treat it very sensitively and actually deal with the consequences in a thoughtful way. The manner in which they brushed off the Lauren/”ghost” scene in this episode, however, does not bode well for that.

    • Melanie says:

      Thanks for commenting, and thanks very much for that opening extended metaphor. It’s quite apt.

      I only mentioned the Psyche myth via hovertext [on the Tarturus wide shot], mostly because I kept thinking they’d bring it up last season in regards to Bo never seeing Rainer’s face, and then the story/myth parallels kind of went off the rails. I’m heartened someone with a degree concurs with me, honestly. Even if it doesn’t pan out. And I’d not even begun to guess who the woman in the elevator was to be.

      You’re right the ghost’s motivations are completely baffling, and you bring up a couple more facets supporting the Hades theory which I’d not considered, such as the gender-bending. Which doesn’t make me more confident about this arc direction, as I’m not only not set on the Hades thing, I’d be far happier if it wasn’t so. For a myriad of reasons: the only canonical lesbian being raped by a guy, especially if pregnancy is involved, is a poor arc to set in a TV day and age where lesbians are routinely ‘punished’ by plot; I will be happy if no genre show ever again has a mystical pregnancy arc; the show does not deal well with rape/assault aftermath; daddy issues can be bad enough, daddy-slept-with-my-girlfriend* issues are guaranteed to be worse.

      *raped, obviously. But I’m not sure how they’ll couch it, and the way it was brushed off here as a joke serves to underscore that worry.

      Let’s hope Hades is, indeed stuck in Tartarus. Dropping it with a punch line isn’t ideal, but it’s definitely not the worst option on the table.

  6. Rhys says:

    Couple of things in this episode bugged me and you basically hit them all:
    1) The show tends to turn a blind eye to sexual assault: first Dyson and now Lauren. It strikes me as odd that a show that touts sexual empowerment of women and sex positivity skirts this issue.
    2) Let’s bring Kenzi back fast so she can leave again but free Bo up for other storylines. Felt really rushed, particularly the bit where Kenzi leaves. You give your BFF who rescued you from Valhalla a two minute goodbye? Really?
    3) Are they really gonna drag Daddy Darko (Hades?) out all season? Ugh. Really hope they clear up the connection b/w Hades and Rainer: why did Bo need to rescue Rainer and marry him to release Hades (or the Pyrripus if they are separate entities) from Hel (except Hades is in Tartarus)? We had 19 episodes of Wanderer plot line replete with theme song and tarot cards raining from the sky. Tamsin saying “oops, I was wrong” does not clear up this mess. Lucy, you got some ‘splinting to do!

    The alternate explanation for Lauren’s ghostly assault is chilling and completely in line with Greek mythology. The spirit was convincing enough to trick Lauren into believing it was Bo and mirrored Bo’s moves with Persephone (not to mention the symmetry of Bo sleeping with his wife and he with Bo’s girlfriend). Chilling to consider but it fits better b/c the spirit Lauren & Kenzi released was violent and crazed, seemingly incapable of pulling off pretending to be Bo. If LG goes this direction that is dark stuff indeed. Thanks so much!!

    • Melanie says:

      1) I almost feel the show isn’t positive how to go about subverting traditional socially enforced masculinity, and that turmoil comes out most in how they deploy Dyson; first it seems as if they’re going to use him as a typical white knight type and then let Bo be the actual hero; then it looks like they’ll do with him what Orphan Black does with Paul [the only SWM being the least interesting person on the show]; then they give him an arc of epic romantic love; then they give him a lovely an nuanced relationship with Kenzi; then they wish-fulfill that romantically in a parallel universe . . . of all the characters, he’s really the one whose personality gets bent to suit whatever the plot requires. When it comes to actually dealing with rape of men and how that *seems* (because of arbitrary social structures yada yada) to undermine masculinity and be a sign of femininity/weakness, the show just wasn’t prepared to deal with it. So, they simply didn’t. And it’s frustrating. But then they may do a similar vanishing act here, in regards to Lauren. Just . . . why?

      2) Someone in the comments for my 5.01 review mentioned a Ksenia Solo interview in which she mentioned she had conflicting show obligations, and seemingly wasn’t under contract for S5, but came back because she loved the show and its fans. So if they only had her for a limited number of episodes, it makes sense they would try and use them towards the back end of the season, which is what I still think will happen. They’re not going to pay her for (or possibly, get a contract for) a short stint in Episode 3, so they do it this way. Though all that said, it still feels like we’re missing a reunion scene, either cut for time or just not shot, I don’t know.

      Quite frankly, it makes sense for Solo to be taking these bigger projects. She has the talent, and she’s been in small roles in bigger projects for a while now. Crucial as I believe she is to the chemistry of this show, and much as I wish she’d been able to do all the things, I look forward to seeing her in more things.

      3) It very much feels as if they are trying to erase the Rainer storyline from existence. No idea what that means in terms of the Hades connection.

      4) Normally I’m a fan of symmetry. In this case . . . ok, actually, that’s an audacious move. I can respect that. Still weird/terrible events, but actually the symmetry is a perverse stroke of genius.

      • Rhys says:

        1) With a cast full of strong female characters it does seem as if the writers don’t quite know what to do with the male lead who isn’t the hero or always the female lead’s love interest. It was disappointing that they went there with Aife and Dyson but then dropped the ball (I just had a long, interesting twitter discussion with a woman who said Aife molested Dyson b/c women can’t rape men…maybe the show writers believe that too). Will be interesting to see how they do or don’t handle this situation with Lauren. And I hope Dyson gets a storyline that doesn’t involve moping after Bo or being Bo’s bang buddy.

        2) I read the interview with Ksenia Solo and am thrilled that she has so many other opportunities and am glad she is pursuing them. She is an amazing actress and deserves the chance to show her talents to broader audiences. It was so sweet that she wanted to be part of the last season of Lost Girl so agreed to do a few episodes. It was understandably rushed to get her back and then gone again, but if felt OOC for Kenzi to take off for Spain after just getting back home from Valhalla. But, gosh, if anyone could use some Fae-free time it’s Kenzi (hopefully it goes better than Lauren’s attempt to spend time away from the Fae). After rewatching 4×10 and 4×11 and how amazing Ksenia is in them, it’s tough to imagine having most of a season without her.

        3) Really, really hope we get at list a teeny, tiny bit of exposition from Hades or someone tying it all together. I wish we *could* erase the whole Rainer storyline but they invested way too much time and energy in the storyline to ignore the connection b/w Rainer, Hades, & Pyrripus. Alas, that doesn’t mean they won’t ignore it…

        4) We shall see how it all plays out…so many possibilities (twitter is, well, atwitter) now that they are “going Greek”

        Oh, and is the idea to totally undo everything from S4 except Hale’s death? What was the point of having a Tamsin/Dyson hook up off-screen in 4×11 and then in 5×02 to declare themselves friends? Why did the writers even bother going there?

        Btw, you rock!! 🙂

        • Really great observations. I agree especially with #1, that Dyson needs a compelling storyline this season. I’ve come to really like his character overall, how he represents both tradition and a certain openness to change, and how Kris Holden-Reid plays him in such a restrained, laconic fashion. I hope the writers put him to good use.

        • Melanie says:

          Believing women can’t rape men isn’t just absolutely erroneous, it’s actively harmful. If the writers believe that, I’m not just worried, I’m angry. I don’t want to assume, though. I think you can mishandle the fallout of that plotline without actually believing ‘women can’t rape men.’

          I’m going to talk in today’s upcoming review about the show’s adjustment for Kenzi’s absence. I think they’re understanding what needs to be done to cover.

          Also, they mentioned Rainer last night, though not in a big way. Exposition is often overused or a shortcut, but holy shit a quasi-omniscient character coming in and expositing right now would be helpful.

          I think they’re accepting that Tamsin is sexually driven and attracted to Dyson, and that humans use sex for many things including comfort, distraction, quenching horniness, etc. Maybe I’m giving them credit where they were going to have a Tamsin/Dyson pairing go further, but I think it works. (Of course it’s possible they were also laying groundwork for a poly arrangement, but I actually don’t think that scene was doing anything so long-game.)

          Thank you! The feeling is mutual.

  7. faetown says:

    As stated elsewhere, even though it was clearly stated that the ghost was not Bo, I do find it interesting that not only did Trick mention that the Helskor shoes give Bo the power over the souls of the dead but Lauren also stated that the ghost had Bo moves and it all happened at the same time Bo was with Persephone so I think that ghost was under Bo’s control, even if Bo didn’t realize it at the time. It wasn’t due to some metaphysical link that Lauren and Bo have, it was between Bo and the ghost and could hint at what the shoes can do.

    The part where Bo and Lauren laugh it off is clearly a secondary conversation. Meaning that Bo and Lauren talked about it off screen. (Shocker.) So… we don’t know how Lauren felt about it and maybe, seeing as she’s been in the fae world for a while now, is able to shift the event to something not, uh, rapey. (No, I don’t really believe it myself.) I do have to wonder if Bo also told Lauren about her incident with Persephone. It’s weird that Lauren’s retort to Bo bringing it up is to point out the fact the ghost moved just like her and not to respond by saying, “at least it wasn’t my step mom” which is so what I would have said.

    BTW, I don’t understand this: “…of all the characters, he’s really the one whose personality gets bent to suit whatever the plot requires.” Because that is far from true. All of the charactes on this show have been altered to fit particular plots, usually Bo getting to be the one to do the hero stuff. Lauren’s had her backstory so twisted its a pretzel shape by now. Although we know Kenzi’s sudden desire to be elsewhere is due to Ksenia Solo wanting to do other projects, they still changed her character’s steadfast loyalty to Bo so she can get some alone time. (I personally don’t see it as a problem, nor her short notice goodbye. I don’t think Kenzi plans on it being permanent, so she wouldn’t want a long farwell.) And Tamsin was brought on to say the things to and about Bo others might think but don’t say but they’ve dragged her character down through the muck and mud of Bo’s backstory that she’s just another Bo-bot who just says the mean/snarky thing, not so much the brave/true thing.

    • Melanie says:

      The interview – http://www.cinefilles.ca/2014/12/14/lost-girl-talk-michael-grassi-on-like-hell-part-2/

      “some other Fae caressing Lauren.” That’s quite a guarded statement. It doesn’t negate what you suggest about it being under Bo’s control, though. It leaves a lot on the table.

      With all the caveats you make here and below, it’s still (as you note) problematic and rapey and uncomfortable and bad. Even if it was ‘just’ kissing her neck, though of course that’s much less bad. After last season, I’ve honestly no guess as to whether they drop it forever, or we’re in for GhostBabyHotPants. It could go either way.

      My bad. That should read “most bent to suit whatever the plot requires.” Especially in the first two or two and a half seasons, the other characters had much more consistent personality throughlines. Even when we found out Lauren had a comatose girlfriend, or Tamsin was leveraged to various shady characters, they were more twists of plot than twists of person. But you’re right all of the characters have been worked to fit plot and/or production needs (Ksenia as you mentioned; Bo likely would have been in more of S4 had Anna Silk not been pregnant; the tacked-on end of S3, etc).

  8. faetown says:

    Also, everyone seems to think that Lauren had sex with the ghost. Even Kenzi says so and Lauren yells, “It kissed my neck!” as if that was a reason why she did. But what if she’s just saying it to state that she didn’t have sex with it, the ghost *just* kissed her neck. Then Kenzi walked in and interrupted. So, it was rapey but not completed…? (Because, yeah, that makes it better.) But honestly I think they meant the entire incident as a hint for what will happen with Bo and didn’t completely consider the ramifications of what the actual scene might say to some people. (Still not making it better.)

  9. overainbows says:

    Great review as usual!

    Why did you think it was a shout out to her adoptive mom? I’m confused. I really thought it was a reference to Aife. Afterall, Aife trumped her father’s plans for Bo and later ran away herself. Not to mention she also taught some moves Bo didn’t know she could use as a Succubus and as the Blood King’s granddaughter. And we also see Bo empathise with her this episode, which I guess we’ve never seen it be so pronounced from either Bo or any other character on the show. It made me very happy,

    I find Aife one of the most interesting characters/storylines on the show. I’m still hoping Trick is called out on his tyranny and is revealled to be one of the big bads, though that seems less likely to happen. Do we knkow if Inga Cadranel is coming back? Are we at least going to know what happened between Trick and her last season?

    • Melanie says:

      Feel free to tell me I’m splitting hairs here, but Bo didn’t say she ‘got my ability to fight from my mom,’ but that ‘my mom taught me to fight.’ Bo’s gone through various emotions from ‘pissed’ to ‘lukewarm attachment’ Aife since she swept into town, lied to her, slept with Bo’s boyfriend*, etc. “Mommy dearest” was not used endearingly. I don’t know Bo gives Aife credit for ‘teaching’ her anything, even though she now acknowledges Aife did go through a lot to get Baby Bo to freedom, and has some mental issues as residual from the various tortures she underwent. Whereas even though we only saw Bo’s adoptive mom for one episode, and heard about her in maybe 2-3 more, it feels Bo more came to terms with said mom doing her best to raise and later accept her. It just seems Bo may attribute biological toughness to Aife, but mental fortitude to her adoptive mom. The line read a bit awkwardly anyways (I’m not sure why she’s attributing it to either of them? Just to stand out as in ‘not from my bio dad/you, creepster!’ ?) and a sudden strong proclamation about a mom she’s seen eight or nine times “teaching” her big things doesn’t ring right to me. Could be just me. I’m not going to die on this quibbling hill, or anything.

      Bo does seem to come to more empathy with Aife this episode, and we may get more of that dynamic this season. I agree Aife is/can be an interesting character; I try not to look at or speculate ahead of time on actors or IMDB proclamations, so I don’t know whether Inga Cadranel is back this season or not. Your guess is s good as mine if they ever reference have the stuff that went down last season.

      *raped. but that doesn’t seem to be how Bo perceives it.

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