Lost Girl Season 5: a Mehlsbells Wish List

Last pre-season I wrote a post which ended up with a couple hits, a couple misses, and some rather off-the-wall projections which somehow didn’t even come close to the insanity which was Rainer and the Sleeping Bullet Train of Yellow Doom.


This being Lost Girl‘s last season, and it being practically impossible to tell what direction they’re going to take from here (other than 1. daddy issues 2. Operation Rescue Kenzie, or ORK as I will be calling it from now on), I’m going to be less specific, and lay out some of my hopes for the season and characters. I’m going to do this in list form because I like lists, and in order of appearance since the show’s beginning because that gives me structure.



First Season Bo had her issues: impulse control, insensitivity, lapses in judgement (especially regarding her mother and Trick’s motives), etc. But there was a lot to love there, even if she still had growing up to do. Let’s let Bo get back to the confident bartender she was, the Bo who didn’t let her partner(s) or family member(s) dictate choices to her, the Bo who refused to name a side, the Bo who stood up for the disenfranchised. Even if that means she’s still brash and makes mistakes, it’s far better than a Bo who is unsure of anything and acts as a puppet for a man she just met, spell or train or no.


Mostly, I hope we get a parallel Kenzi storyline during he first few episodes before the gang finds her or she breaks free herself, because as I’ve mentioned around here a time or two, Kenzi makes this show what it is. She’s the one who can pull any other two characters together, and play off of with any Characters of The Week from rich and doomed philanthropist to a group of troubled kids at reform camp. She brings the levity, the scrappiness, and the lockpicks. She can play both the character everyone else strives to protect, and the ferocious defender of the innocent. Ksenia Solo deftly balances pathos and humor in ways most TV actors only dream of. Leaving her out of the picture leaves a huge gap, not that the other actors/characters can’t cover somewhat, but when you have something so perfect, don’t mess with it.


Out of everyone, perhaps Dyson as a character has been forced into extremes the most. One episode he’s funny and even-keeled, the next he’s dour, then he’s sweet, then possessive, next thing you know he’s moping for an entire season. Sometimes he can’t control his violent mood swings, other times he’s giving his brofriend life advice. He’s a good investigator even without his highly sensitive nose, but he’s not always given the chance to let that shine.

I have plenty of dreams for Dyson as the wry comic relief to Kenzi’s overtly hilarious one, the animalistic instinctive foil to Lauren’s purely rational one, the procedural yin to Tamsin’s by-any-means-necessary yang. But mostly, I will settle for him being more consistent, and seeing the best parts of his personality [ie basically the ones which come out when Kenzi is around] showcased.


I hope more of the themes about what it means to be human that have been explored through Kenzi and Lauren – especially Kenzi’s arc last season and Lauren’s struggle to figure out how she might work in a relationship with a quasi-immortal – are continued in Lauren’s story arc.

I hope a lot of the ethical stickiness that wasn’t fully explored with Taft gets examined in Lauren’s actions and powers over stripping (and potentially endowing) Fae powers, or Fae-ness. If I were to make Some Speculation Based On Intentionally Provocative Posters, I’d say Lauren’s hand is an indication she may at least consider applying her Fae knowledge/potion to herself, whether for personal/selfish reasons, or as a means to rescuing Kenzi, helping Bo, or something of the kind.

Either that, or Lauren is just going to singlehandedly sex/fist every Fae into humanity.


You heard it here first.



I hope the writers back up my absolute belief in Trick’s nefariousness.


Regenerating Tamsin last year opened up a lot of interesting possibilities. She started quite literally helpless, and then got a surrogate family which resulted in totally new attachments to almost everyone. She has a whole new: sort of attraction to Bo; loyalty to Kenzi; partnership with Dyson; distrust for Trick; antagonism with Evony/the Dark; and . . . well who knows what to call what she has with Lauren. Now those were established in the back half of last season, we can see more of how they play out as she nears the end of her life cycle.

What about combinations of characters, then? The show tends to run A/B storylines by pairing characters off, whether they converge at the end or not, and that makes for easier shooting as well as more compartmentalized writing, and I’ve gotten rather attached to certain combinations I’d like to revisit before the show ends.

Bo/Kenzi – the core relationship of the show got a bit lost in the shuffle the past two seasons. Bring it back with a vengeance.

Evony/Bo – Evil taunting, righteous indignation, it’s a fun dance.

Dyson/Lauren – I love this friendship, with the two of them going from outright antagonistic to grudgingly accepting each other to teasing each other to, apparently, throwing star practice. 

Lauren/Kenzi – this duo has gone through a significant amount of change from start to now, and they’re both opposite enough to really compliment each other, and alike enough (as we’re learning more about their pasts) to understand each other better than perhaps anyone else can.

Ok, Kenzi With E’rrybody – Whether it’s sharing eyeliner tips with Vex or bringing out Bruce’s poetic side, Kenzi is the best. See above.

CopDoc – It would be a win for these two just to share screentime, with the snark and bluster on one side and the big words and calm comebacks on the other. These two have the classic start to an antagonism-turned-furious-sexcapade-turned-into-respect-turned-into-something-like-love.

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 9.26.04 AM

Several people have asked me: how do I think Bo should end up? Most of them further clarified: with whom do I think Bo should end up?

Romantically, there are really four options: Bo ends up single, Bo ends up with one person, Bo ends up in an open relationship but with one primary partner, Bo ends up in an poly arrangement.

Single Bo – I really don’t know the writers of a show about a succubus with several sexy and emotionally available (to one extent or another) potential partners will let her end how she started: romantically alone. It’s certainly not a bad ending, though, and it’s not as if she would end up alone in any other regard. Her other friendships validated, her ability to have sexual partners forever on end established, she and Kenzi ride off into the sunset or to happy hour together, proving theirs is indeed the most central relationship. As an added bonus, it would still leave the potential of Bo ending somewhere (monogamously, openly, serial datingly, or poly) in the future. 

Monogamous Bo – They’ve tried this before, and it hasn’t worked. Even with injections. Even when Bo thought she had to do it to keep her partner happy. I’m not sure how they re-attempt it, let alone as a series conclusion, without a major paradigm shift.

Is it possible Bo asks Lauren to de-Fae her? Possible, but what does that really say about oh I don’t know everything: Nature v Nurture; Bo’s intent to live the life she chooses; is a permanent solution any better worse than those injections from S1; whether a permanent attempt to control something Bo herself has historically struggled with is a good decision to come to so suddenly; whether the action would be in response to a partner who (arguably selfishly) wanted to control Bo’s nature for his/her own reasons and what that means for the potential of that relationship long-term; not to mention the ethics of Lauren actually doing that since she’s hardly a disinterested party and the metaphorical implications are going to walk quite close to chemical castration. So many more dilemmas are caused than solved this direction.

Open Bo – They’ve drawn a little from this well before, and it’s also fairly certain whoever the one partner is is going to be about as contentious as whoever the one partner in a monogamous relationship would be. Because of that, it’s a fairly easy way for the writers to hedge all their bets, and because of that it may be my least favorite option [from a purely ‘give us a damn conclusive answer’ standpoint].

Poly Bo – You may get a sense from the above character combination list that I enjoy relationships of all sorts – romantic, platonic, emotional, sexual – evolving over time. So perhaps it’s not a surprise I lean this direction for character development as well as story.

Full disclosure, I can’t help but feel that a CopDoc hookup works best not as an excuse for sexytimes or pleasing a very intense fanfic-writing base (nothing wrong with any of those things), but as an available bridge to cross towards what I argue is the logical romantic conclusion to the series: Bo in a poly or at least extremely open relationship. (Of course, even if Bo ends up with one or more of Lauren and Tamsin, not all of her partners have to be willing to be in the same room as each other, let alone have sex with each other. But, I mean, what could it hurt? Tamsin is already more than willing to get with Bo’s other main attraction. She could theoretically be the one to bring everyone together. Ironic, that.)

Being in a relationship which includes and allows for multiple partners is not only consistent with, but essential to, Bo’s nature as it stands. Besides the complications of writing all this into a show which is also dealing with family, tying up stories a great many characters, and examining more mythology, negotiating something like this is a tall order (not to mention they already seem to handle a lot of Big Relationship Talk offscreen). As a tiny indie show that could, Lost Girl already carries the banner of one of the first bisexual leads on television and definitely the most casually queer characters outside of something specifically built to address LGBT culture like The L Word or Queer as Folk, so maybe it feels too much to ask they also lead the charge in establishing their lead in a happy, functional poly situation. But that’s the great thing about going into the season knowing your show is ending: you can go for broke.

There are no guarantees in television, so always go for broke, kids.

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 4.21.14 PM


Sets have a personality of their own, and much use as the Dal and the clubhouse and now Dyson’s gym home get, it’s nice to see other locales. I’d love a showdown in Vex’s club, for example. I’d not mind a visit back to Mayer’s restaurant (and the whole idea of him as a powerful Dark crime kingpin). Now Kenzi’s room has no use, we’ll either get more scenes set in Bo’s room, or maybe another room of the clubhouse will mysteriously manifest itself.

I will bet money we get more red Christmas lights in the background, as well as an inordinate number of candles. We’re probably going to get more things like the Leviathan’s lair, and definitely going to see things like those painted gates [pictured] and rustic hel shoes again. Last season had more things which feel quite like a theatre wardrobe or set, and I’m actually a fan of that sort of anti-realism. You’ve got mythology which enables flights of fancy, a guy who morphs into a wolf mostly by taking his shirt off (no complaints here), a woman sprouting wings, and nearly no budget (especially once you get all those guest actors), it’s not like we’re going for hyper-realism or hyper-CGI here. Have some aesthetic fun. Just please for the love of Aphrodite, light it well.



We’re going to get more mythology, broader than Norse mythology, so yay. We’re going to get more of the underlying and important focus on found family, double yay. I really want another swordfight or three. At least four more episodes which indulge in campy or outrageous tropes while dissecting them would definitely be appreciated.

If you have anything else you’d like to discuss, as always, hit the comments. And I’ll see you back here Monday sometime for my last Lost Girl Season Premiere review.

10 Responses to “Lost Girl Season 5: a Mehlsbells Wish List”
  1. ggstar says:

    Please let there be CopDoc!

  2. lbw8lrrh says:

    I’ve been a steady #doccubus fan through the first four season but recently I’ve been thinking #copdoc as canon would be pretty darn awesome. Since Tamsin’s introduction as a character in S3 I think she and Lauren have had only two scenes where they’ve interacted (both in S3 — I don’t think they were in any scenes together in S4) and, as you mentioned, they have that classic antagonistic start that simply screams to be developed in some form or fashion. I’ve heard rumors that lead me to at least believe it is possible: Tamsin & Lauren will have more scenes together; Tamsin gets a new love interest; and new relationships form amongst the happy sunshine gang. This doesn’t have to preclude a poly relationship with Bo, but I agree that Bo is always gonna need/want more than a single partner can provide…and that’s fine as long as everyone in the poly is fine with it.

    One rumor that has me concerned is that Tamsin begins working cases with Bo. On the surface I don’t have a problem with that development as long as it doesn’t mean that Kenzi isn’t around much this season. Bo may be the lead character of the show but Kenzi is certainly its heart with all of her character interactions, one-liners, and the ability to pull off any wig, outfit or situation the writers put her in. Seriously, I think Ksenia Solo could wear any wig color and look amazeballs!

    Speaking of Ksenia, how excited are you that she has joined the cast of #orphanblack??? 🙂

    • Melanie says:

      I’ll be honest: I casually understand the shipping of many of the ships [there are exceptions], and despite (maybe because?) of that I am not strongly in favor of any one over another. I’m legitimately interested in the fact that the Tamsin/Lauren is one of the few remaining really antagonistic-yet-not-literally-trying-to-kill-each-other combinations; I think there’s a lot of narrative potential. As you point out, it’s the beginning of some classic antagonism arcs, and I do love me some those. On top of all that, I do think if there’s to be a poly ending (which I also think is a distinct possibility if Bo remains Fae), then the two of them are going to have to at least be in the same room together without slapping . . . at least, vindictive slapping.

      So with all that, it made sense for me to mention it. I was not expecting it to become one of THE things people pulled out of this fun l’il preview. But it’s definitely the thing which has driven the majority of responses here and twitter etc., whether for the positive or the negative.

      All that with the understanding, though – as you touch on – that the whole Bo/Kenzi relationship isn’t sidelined. That’s so key, to the show, to the way Bo navigates her life, to the core of how humans interact, etc etc.

      And speaking of: I’m very happy. I think Solo is wildly talented, and I think she’ll fit well with the vibe of the show. I’m also guessing her contract for Lost Girl was signed before Orphan Black or the other show she’s been promoting, so it’s not going to be the thing which cut into any screen time for Lost Girl. Side note to your side note, even if I did side-eye a couple specific choices near the end of the season, and developments I think they set up for the next season, I’ve got pretty implicit faith in Orphan Black, and that includes their casting.

  3. Rachel says:

    Excited to read your reviews this season 🙂

  4. Started reading your blog only in the last couple of months, but think it is the best out there. Thank you for providing such thoughtful commentary! Trick is a neglected topic. Like you, I do not trust him and think he is invested in Bo, his flesh and blood, leading him back into power somehow. His thirst for power, his inability to change his nature (per the seers he has visited), his disdain for the low born and human — all of these qualities persist under his avuncular, kindly surface. I don’t know. Maybe he really is a kind man, but I don’t think he can overcome his past or adapt to a freer, fairer, more modern Fae world that Bo is trying to forge. My bet is that Bo, Tamsin, or most likely, Dyson, kills him as a sacrifice to the New Fae Order.

    • Melanie says:

      Thank you for the comment! And for your thoughts on Trick. Not as many share my complete distrust in him. Though as a character, I like how hard he is to pin down, and how he can cover up so many of his ploys with seeming concern for others.

      I think you’re onto something with Dyson. I think it’d be a symbol of Dyson’s having changed some of his old ways; the blind allegiance, the way he let Trick manipulate him since we’ve met them, his old ideas of ‘honor’ etc. And it seems to me they’re setting Dyson up with a ‘side with Bo or side with Trick’ quandary. Still, I’m not sure they’ll go so far as to have any main character _actively_ kill Trick. Dyson passively allowing Trick to die (or siding with Bo/the gang and the consequence being Trick’s death) would be how I’d wager, if I had to.

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