Lost Girl: Season 4, Episode 09, “Destiny’s Child”

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I spent a lot of time during season four of The Vampire Diaries groaning that no one had any real agency during that season. If you’ve never watched The Vampire Diaries, season four was spent with many of the characters carrying out certain actions because of third parties. A creepy professor was manipulating one character. Another character was becoming a hunter, which meant he had to hunt down and kill all vampires without much self-control. Main character Elena Gilbert was sired for half the season, meaning she would do anything Damon, who she was sired to, would tell her to do. She spent the second half of the season with her humanity turned off, which meant she alienated everyone and even killed an extra.

I bring up The Vampire Diaries not just because Lost Girl is also a supernatural show, but because a few elements of “Destiny’s Child” (great title) reminded me of what I fear could happen with Lost Girl. Other elements made me happy that Lost Girl is much more self-aware, thankfully. In fact, I’m wondering if “Hello, brother” while a crow is present is a direct reference to the Vampire Diaries pilot.

I am going to go ahead and assume that Bo isn’t completely in her right mind by the end of this week’s episode. I would have different thoughts and opinions otherwise. I mean, the possibility of Bo being aware during that moment could be rather interesting, and it has the possibility of shutting down Tumblr and Twitter in one fell swoop. The question of whether Bo is unable to choose between Lauren and Dyson because neither choice is “correct” is a fun one to skirt with, and the truth is that neither Lauren, nor Dyson, nor Tamsin have really solidified any supposed destiny with Bo. (Dyson was teetering there with that whole love-taken-away-from-him curse, but not quite close.) It’s a component to note of a show that in large part is about discovering who you’re supposed to be, making choices, and sometimes altering that destiny.

That said, I know plenty of fans responded with more of a, “Really?” Two, somewhat three, love interests are plenty. And I’m sure the Lost Girl writers are very aware of that, so something tells me we shouldn’t be taking anything at face value there. In fact, I applaud Lost Girl for subverting our expectations. Your mileage may vary; I know it does with me. At points, I just want to know everything already. If the Wanderer isn’t Bo’s father, then who is Bo’s father? We had such huge buildup to the Wanderer, and everything was leading to him being Bo’s father — in fact, Bo even said so herself a few times — that the only payoff that was worth all these episodes is the complete opposite, I suppose.

Lost Girl has made seasons of episodes like these. We may never get all the answers, we may never get many answers or even an answer, but we always get new questions. Every time I find myself a bit miffed with an episode that seems contrived to just stall everything, I find myself reeled in at the end because I just have to know. Then I think of it some more, and I’m still a bit miffed. I’ve talked about how this is the first season I’m actually watching live. The previous three seasons, I binge-watched. So I’m not entirely sure whether it’s the switch in how I’m viewing the season, but the pacing has been an issue of mine this season. More so, the uses of storylines that, in the end, don’t add up to much have sometimes left me a bit letdown. As I’ve said, sometimes they’re fun (Groundhog Day), sometimes they’re not so great (Bird Lady Fae).

Mostly, I bring up The Vampire Diaries because a season of non-agency resulted in something that was rather boring. When characters aren’t responsible for their behavior, it’s hard to get too caught up or invested in their actions. I know we only have a handful of episodes left this season, but if it’s true that Bo is a bit, let’s say, enamored at the moment, then I hope she snaps out of it — both for dramatic intrigue and so that we can get some answers. I also use the word “enamored” because it looks like the Wanderer is an incubus (and a Valkyrie?). At least I think so. I want to know what everyone’s theories are on that, because it seemed like a little persuasion action was happening when Bo touched both her “mark” and his mark. Having an incubus on the show would certainly change everything. Lost Girl has always used Bo-as-a-succubus to touch upon female sexuality, but a male character asserting that same level of sexual prowess could prove to heighten the metaphor even more.

I also bring it up because on The Vampire Diaries, everyone but Elena is caught up in making plans and telling her what to do. Some of yesterday’s episode included that as well. It’s been a bit of a(n inconsistent) theme this season, the most notable was the previous episode when Lauren and Dyson kept trying to decide what would be better for Bo, telling her about the box or not telling her, a choice that’s not theirs to make. In this episode, everyone was trying to tell Bo that she can’t go to Train Limbo, but it appears Dyson and Lauren have decided to be more collaborative when it comes to Bo, seeing as they agreed with her. I’m still enjoying Dyson and Lauren’s continued friendship.

In fact, Lost Girl continues to mine from unprecedented couplings. Dyson and Lauren is one of them, but Tamsin and Kenzi have been quite fun together this season. Kenzi’s story from season one, episode one has been about her exclusion from the Fae, and I find it comforting that it doesn’t feel done to death four seasons in. We begin with Kenzi brushing her hair with a fork Little Mermaid style, so much so I half-expected her to begin belting “Part Of Your World,” which would have been absolutely in place. (An interesting comparison we could probably spend an entire post on due to The Little Mermaid’s recognition with feminism, or lack thereof.) But then, Trick tells her that he can’t be talking about important Fae matters with a human. I think that for Kenzi, writing in Trick’s book was just about the last way she thought she could possibly help, since she has no other options as of yet. She knows the gravity of the situation that it almost felt kind of un-Kenzi to do, regardless of the fact that she’s a bit impulsive.

What’s far more interesting, however, is Tamsin and Trick’s involvement within this whole mythos. I don’t want to get too excited, because sometimes these plot lines don’t flourish as I wish they would, but having Trick, Dyson, and Lauren be against Bo and Rainer (Rayner?) while Kenzi and Tamsin are apprehensive to trust him could be a compelling dynamic. We always knew Trick was a bit sketchy, so I wasn’t so shocked about his flashback-self; I’m just much more interested in how that new information alters relationships in the present.

And even Bo has known that Trick is a little shady. We’ve talked (well, I have on NWN) about the running theme of family this season. Previously, Bo denounced Trick for not helping her even though he was her grandfather. In this episode, she cuts him off entirely for daring to tell her what to do. Instead, Dyson and Lauren come to Bo’s aid and tell her that they may have created a strange, little group, but that family is made up of friends, too, not just blood relatives — or Blood Kings. However, it seems like someone is going to die. In the world of Lost Girl, that can finally change everything quite permanently. I’ll be a little disappointed if it’s Rainer while Bo is in this new state of mind, but, regardless, color me interested.

Overall, I think, as I do with most episodes, that “Destiny’s Child” could prove to shift dynamics in a very compelling way for future episodes, even if I wasn’t entirely invested in the storyline of the episode.

14 Responses to “Lost Girl: Season 4, Episode 09, “Destiny’s Child””
  1. “If the Wanderer isn’t Bo’s father, then who is Bo’s father? We had such huge buildup to the Wanderer, and everything was leading to him being Bo’s father — in fact, Bo even said so herself a few times — that the only payoff that was worth all these episodes is the complete opposite, I suppose.”

    Actually, no one apart Bo referred to them as same person. Yeah, the same Bo who was like 99% sure Trick is her father too.

    As for who her father is – this yet again seems to point towards Odin – Trick was VERY apprehensive of sending Rainer(the soldier in the flashback) to Valhalla and Odin IS someone who in norse mythology has control over where the souls of the dead go – could Odin have been sending Rainer back again and again? Trick certainly looked psycho enough to be someone who would challenge the gods. Not to mention that name Rainer is contemporary form of Ragnar, which literally means “God’s Warrior”. And then lo and behold new reality and valkyries are mercenaries, without even mentioning that “sending dead soldiers to Valhalla” stuff.

    Also – IF Rainer was stuck on the train, for VERY obvious reasons he can’t be Bo’s father(raping Aife requires a very physical form), nor the person with cloak and staff who contacted Tamsin. Also note that Tamsin was intentionally made sure to avoid any contact with BOTH Rainer and the ravens(Hugin and Munin, Memory and Thought, the two ravens made by Odin). I am awaiting till she sees the guy and goes “WTF This is not the person I made that deal with”.

    Trick also is suspicious and increasingly psycho – what the truth fae said to him also is interesting – he can erase memories of DOING those horrible things, but he can’t erase the nature, what kind of person he is, the things that caused him to do that. It seems he is destined to either die for his sins or to repeat them all over again because that’s who he is.

    Then we have Kenzi who is clearly feeling left out (as show very specifically cuts to her face when Bo is reaffirming her love to “both” Dyson and Lauren and does not pay attention to her)

    As for Rainer – everyone assumes he is a love interest – wouldn’t it be hilarious, if next episode starts with Bo being grossed out by assumptions and saying he is her brother? Anyway it is handled – I doubt it will be anything like yet another love interest.

    All I know i that with Trick’s little psychopathy showcase, Una Mens being shady and corrupt, Rainer being back living, Bo’s father being somewhere doing something, not to mention Lauren possibly planning zombie faepocalypse somewhere – this is going to be a thrill-ride of season ender.

    • Also I maybe an optimist, but I do not see Lost Girl handling Bo’s agency as badly as TVD did. Hell, Even Angel The Series Cordelia storyline in S4 handled that better than TVD did and that was beyond awful.

      If it is some mindscrew, it will take at most one episode for her to sort herself out. Because that’s what she does. The show is about that. The show credits say it every week. She makes her own choices. And if someone took that away from her, it won’t take long for her to figure that out.

      • Mike says:

        Oh goodness, I’m SO much more an optimist about Lost Girl handling Bo’s agency well. However, it does feel like yet another stall tactic in a season that has been delaying any real answers for what seems like forever. But, yeah, I don’t expect whatever is happening to Bo to last more than an episode. I was obviously expecting Rainer to look absolutely ghastly, given Tamsin’s description of him. I believe she said he was the evilest person she saw? But even evil things come in good-looking packages. At this point, I’m taking Lost Girl at its word and hoping this isn’t just another delay.

        However, I WOULD be pretty OK with, “This is my brother!” Ha! I’d like to see that play out.

        Also, I just wanted to say thanks to Melanie for the fun idea! I hope my more shallow reviews are adequate enough. But you can always find hers right here: http://nowhitenoise.com/2014/01/lost-girl-destinys-child-review/ 🙂

        • But that’s the thing, NOTHING about Rainer nor his backstory so far fits how Bo’s father is described.

          If he truly is an incubus, I’d certainly say he is more than likely a sibling. Family so far has been an unifying theme of this season and being torn between the family Bo created and the family that created Bo seems to be fitting.

    • larkin says:

      Odin is the all-father, so he may still be Bo’s father. Or Bo could have been an immaculate conception (Hey, Xena was brave enough to go there)

  2. overainbows says:

    I thought the same as Borednow about Odin. Nice to see Tamsin’s season 3 quotes about taking people away addressed here. Good they’re keeping the Valkyrie myth. Better than mercenaries.

    I also got an impression Rainer may be an incubus. The parallels would be interesting. Could he be Trick’s son? Aife was severely punished for challenging the Blood King. Trick would have no problems vanishing his own son. It would be nice that his children defied him and his laws, and chose to be Dark as Bo did now. I thought it was clear that Bo is under his influence, so no worries he’s another love interest.

    Also, good to see Trick hasn’t changed much. Since season 3 and again in this episode when under pressure he goes back to his prejudices and power trips. I thought his session with Ming was very telling. He still loves himself more than anyone else, his reasons for trying to find out who the Wanderer was weren’t only to help Bo (and he cares for her mostly because she is the last of his line, it’s selfish, if it’s not because of the prophecy that she will end the binary system he created) but to help himself as he sensed this wanderer was bad news for him, erasing his own memory and giving up his throne is not that selfless as apparently many were unhappy with his reign, he was threatened. He simply cannot be trusted. He’s not redeemed yet. The more we learn about him the harder it is to believe he’s ever had any good intention. I really like it and hope they don’t redeem him quickly (if at all). It’s a good storyline. Besides, he represents everything Bo is against. He created the binary system, he takes away people’s agency with his powers, he rewrites the past and writes the future, he’s a very patriarchal figure. He could be the ultimate big bad.

    • It also paints what Garuda said to him in S2 finale into a whole new light. Sure he was manipulating him, but Its pretty much obvious now that everything he said about Trick back then was indeed true.

    • Melanie says:

      Yep, yep, yep. I always thought the nefarious Trick they were setting up at the start of Season 1 got blunted, but it seems his reveal just got prolonged. I do love the idea of a seemingly neutral player with some good and some bad tendencies turning out to be a truly selfish, manipulative bad guy.

      I think Rainer could be an incubus (I mentioned that in my review on NWN), but I’m not entirely sold on him being Bo’s brother, or Aife’s either. Possibly a half-brother? Not what I think is going to happen, but time will tell if I’m wrong. This end scene – really much of the episode – was written very open-ended, the better to let them draw out their reveals.

      The way Trick selectively remembers his actions as necessary or even partially selfless echoes what a lot of people say about atrocities they commit. And as he was a king, and is a power player, I don’t think it’s too much to say there are parallels with not just historical but also modern governments and rulers.

      As to the point about the Garuda, indeed; just because a ‘big bad’ manipulates and casts aspersions on someone doesn’t mean the one being attacked is actually any better of a person. There’s a human reaction to jump to the defense of someone who is being accused by an evil character, but one may simply be defending the pot from the kettle.

  3. Dana says:

    This whole season is one big joke. So sick of that damn triangle and very little adult Tamsin has really just pissed me off. Tamsin is the only reason why I even continue to watch the show. The
    ptb need to take a good long look at this season and never ever do that again. Tamsin comes off
    to me to be the only person who is truely in love with Bo, and yet Bo and Tamsin barely have had
    any time alone.

  4. takeela74 says:

    I don’t think Bo was under any spell at all. However I do think when they touched each other’s marks on the train all of her memories came back and she chose him as her destiny so he would be the “Chosen one” in charge. So she could just hang back like she has most of the series.

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