Lost Girl Season 4: Utterly Random Projections

Perhaps it should be called ‘mostly baseless’ rather than ‘utterly random,’ but that’s what you get when you publish working titles.

Before Season 4 airs tonight, I and friend-of-blog Dale (who has guest-reviewed an episode, too) sat down and wildly speculated about what may go down. 

1. What do you think the new promo signifies for the fourth season?

Melanie: I feel we’re going back a bit towards the 1.08 “Vexed” vibe, and going darker. While I think that also means we won’t get back to the Kenzi and Bo Tackle Case/Fae of the Week, at least not in the front half, and that’s sad, I do like the idea of a more grim, pragmatic outlook. Also, whether in an open relationship or looking for some rebound sex, Bo is going to be having a buffet.

Dale: I’m not going to be surprised if the stylistic feel of the trailer doesn’t carry over into the actual episodes. With a fandom as engaged and rabid as the LG fandom, Showcase has to feel like this is a show that is doing something right. The promo seems to be aimed towards widening the fan base, not necessarily delivering specific details about the upcoming season. That said, I think there potentially are details that are significant hints for those willing to obsess enough to notice them. Most notably, Bo’s glazed eyes and the appearance of Mia Kirshner, looking very Morrigan-esqe.

2. Do you have any ideas about what happened to Bo, Dyson, Tamsin, and Lauren at the end of 3.13

M: Even if they shot all Silk’s scenes out of order, Bo’s presence will likely be light in the first few episodes, so it’s going to rely heavily on the supporting cast to carry the story. My gut says Dyson and Tamsin got yanked into another dimension/teleported to a distant land. I hope Lauren is raiding Isaac’s office and stuffing all of the medical supplies into her scrubs/labcoat, because 1) think of what resources she’ll have for whatever craziness S4 holds! 2) this is the most accurate description of all medical providers ever.

D: I think/hope that at some of the gang has gotten pulled into some faery/wonderland alternate reality. One of the really common features of fairy tales/localized mythologies is the existence of an alternate reality, controlled by powerful magical beings, running on an alternate passage of time. Lost Girl has flirted with this idea, but never really used it as a consistent feature of the narrative world.

3. Who do you think The Wanderer is?

M: Corporeal manifestation of patriarchy and nightmares.

D: Bo’s dad is the obvious assumption. I think it’s a correct assumption, but I’d love for the Wanderer to be an equally mysterious/powerful rival to Bo’s father. It would be fantastic to have Bo & the gang pulled into some rivalry between two reclusive uber-powered fae, one of whom is Bo’s dad and one who is The Wanderer.

4. What are your general predictions for the season?

M: Authority figures galore, which is kind of a toss-up. Bo reacts badly to authority, and it’s only interesting to watch her butt heads with it so often. She’s better solving problems with Kenzi, generally subverting authority without dealing with figureheads face-to-face. I can only handle so much Dyson telling Bo she needs to honor tradition, and Lauren telling Bo to be more diplomatic. Then again, a meta-arc of a bunch of big baddies playing political games while Hale and Trick try and stave off war, while Bo works other cases, then comes in with some underground magic and pulls her favors [a la “Vexed,” again], it could be awesome.

D: I think they’re going to try and create a heavier weight class of fae for Bo to deal with. That’s obviously problematic since they’ve done the “saving-all-of-faemanity” before, and Trick’s backstory is that he’s legendarily powerful. My guess is that they will frame the movers & shakers of the past few seasons as local authorities and that Bo will now start dealing with the regional heavy-hitters.

5. Now, some wildest hopes and dreams for the season.

M: I mentioned I wanted to see more Lauren/Kenzi interaction, and I’m sticking to it. They’re not just interesting characters in their own right, they’re opposite ends of most spectrums, and they both have a lot of influence on Bo. They can have plenty interesting scenes working through their tensions, and eventually bring a powerful dynamic to bear against the fae anti-human system.

D: Wildest hopes and dreams would be that they subvert the love triangle shit and let the three of them [Bo, Dyson, Lauren] form a polyamorous triple-relationship where they all accept the different roles they play in each other’s lives.

6. Do you think any character(s) won’t survive the season? If so, whom?

M: Tamsin. That’s essentially why she as a character was introduced, right?

D: Tamsin. They’ve made her too tragic and hinted at too many aging/fading powers issues with her.

7. What’s up with Bo’s seriously out-of-character actions? 

M: I’m torn between ‘weird Dawning after-effect’ and ‘general fundamentalism personality growth-stunting’ and ‘maybe I’m just reading too much into this.’

D: Writing issues. I think they tried to cover to much ground plotwise last season, and character continuity/development suffered. The Yawning could/should have been a compelling development with real consequences, but instead it ended up being used just to take up some time and justify out-of-character actions.

8. Some speculation has gone around that the rune glass bottle worked, and it allowed The Wanderer to materialize in the real/Fae world. Other people think it didn’t work, based on hair numbers, or Tamsin trying to trick Lauren and undermine the druid spell, or because Kenzi is going to betray Bo somehow (either unwittingly or by having to pay the Morrigan’s favor back). Thoughts?

M: Speculating on a plot point which exists to be inscrutable is folly, yet I cannot help myself. I’m drawn to the ‘it did work (at least mostly)’ theory, though I also think Tamsin was trying to subvert it by toying with Lauren and Bo’s relationship, and I think adding the kiss component was a stroke of genius.

D: This question is only really interesting if The Wanderer and Bo’s Dad are separate characters. If they are, then the rune glass bottle becomes an attempt to leverage Bo for/against her Dad, and it will be really interesting to see whether or not it did work. The writing (probably intentionally) leaves it open to have worked or not have worked, but I suspect that it won’t be as significant a point as any of us want it to be.

Do you have any last minute projections? Leave them in the comments . . . 

Obviously, in this case, I'm Trick and Dale is Lauren.

8 Responses to “Lost Girl Season 4: Utterly Random Projections”
  1. Rachel says:

    I’ve been a bad, bad blog comment friend (sorry 😦 …) but I wonder if we’ll be traveling into multiple alternate dimensions this season. If so, I just hope it doesn’t become too confusing to follow. I read somewhere that Lauren may go into Dyson’s head/memories.

    Any predictions on who the Una Mens are?

    • Melanie says:

      I wouldn’t doubt it, at least not in the first episode or three. If so, I usually find them easier to understand than try and explain, so heaven help the souls reading the reviews.

      Hmmm, no predictions there, though they do remind me of The Gentlemen from Hush, mostly with the suits and the ominous.

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