Odds and Ends: An Update

– That featured picture is me doing The Killingsworth. Here’s the Facebook album, here’s the website, and here’s the submission email. It’s open to anyone who wants to do it, and I’d be honored if you were to do your own and send it in!

– I will be revamping this site design to make things more searchable. The tag cloud and search box just aren’t quite cutting it as the site grows. Since I’m not at the point of paying to host this site, my options are a little limited, so please bear with me – and if you visit the site directly rather than using a reader, expect to see a few sample changes before the dust settles.

– TVquila has expanded its offerings, and now the regular TV season is underway two things will be happening: topical essays, and premieres of mid-season shows (HannibalSherlock, other shows which we promise aren’t singular names of somewhat volatile white men).

– As you probably know, Lost Girl premieres tomorrow. I will be reviewing along with the Canadian schedule, though whether the reviews will come Mondays or Tuesdays is yet to be seen (depending on my work schedule(s)). TOMORROW, I will have a speculative post based on nothing but the preview, my own wild imagination, and the opinions of a couple lovely Friends of Blog, talking about where we think the season may go.

– My friend Meghan Rose is running a kickstarter to help her fund her album produced by Grammy-nominated Darryl Neudorf (Neko Case, The New Pornographers). Meghan is an awesome person and a kickass musician; in addition to being in two bands (Little Red Wolf and Damsel Trash) and this solo project, she wrote the original score and performed the music for my film The Lilith Necklace; you can hear a sample of her music in the trailers. I’ve backed at a level including extra goodies, but if you want a copy of the album, it’s only $10. Click here now!

See you tomorrow . . . 

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