TVquila’s New Lineup

As you may know, I and friend Dale started TVquila, which during the dead months was mostly just The Newsroom reviews.

Now the TV season has started, however, we’ve expanded to eight writers (so far), covering everything from weekly analysis of Agents of SHIELDNew Girl, and many more, to upcoming topical essays on anachronism in Sherlock and the growing visibility of people with disabilities on TV.

If you want easy delivery to the social newsfeed of your choice, you can like us on Facebook or follow us on tumblr or Twitter or who are we kidding, all of the above!

As an added bonus, all those places – but especially tumblr – are going to have plenty of reblogging and offhanded commentary on various shows. I plan to use it mostly to talk about cinematography, colors, use of space, changing production code, and women on the small screen, but other writers are going to have different favorite facets of TV.

We’re really excited to expand TVquila to include a lot of various viewpoints and geekery. Come join the conversations! (Bring your own tequila.)

tvquila rough logo clear BG

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