Lost Girl: Season 02, Episode 18, “Fae-nted Love”

You know the drill. Possible spoilers through 03.13. All reviews here.

That graffiti pushes it over into 'fantastic.'

I love how this episode brings back the idea of blood’s enthrallment, ‘the power in the blood,’ and goes from being a weird Ryan sidetrack to exploring how Bo could be a demigod if she put her mind to it.

I hate how this episode turns Bo into a simpering damsel, who accepts without question the change from ‘generally smarmy Ryan’ into ‘psychologically manipulative, abusive Ryan.’

I love how this episode suggests even smart, strong women get ensnared by smarmy partners. And then follows through on breaking up with said partner.

I hate it makes above suggestion by intimating women must be infantalized to get into that situation in the first place. Considering Bo’s mental state, the bathtub scene verges on all sorts of problems: electroshock treatment for mental patients; physical abuse without actual beating; regression therapy. I don’t have a problem with a show using one of these things in a negative light, but the fact the show doesn’t make it clear what’s being called out is what makes this problematic. The closest it gets to, with the preacher and all, is involuntary baptism. But to suggest a religion which baptizes infants is on the same level as abusing a bound and gagged grown woman is . . . extreme to say the least.

Travelling L-R. Later, when Ryan is chasing Bo in his car, they go R-L.

I love how this episode suggests Bo can carry through on the friends-with-benefits thing . . . when she’s not under a sort of religious spell. *cough* fundamentalism *cough*

I hate how the first (and to this point, only) man we see express a strong affinity for cuddling and wooing is made out to be a chump because of it, as well as under enthrallment.

I love the word enthrallment.

I hate how ‘underfae’ is supposed to be a underdeveloped, devolved member of the species, yet here (and only here, so far as I can recall) it’s a highly developed predator who simply uses its unusal powers to cause untraceable deaths.

Props department: 'Pull out everything we own that we haven't used! Headless mannequins? Perfect!'

I love how this episode conflates religion and rushed permanent undoable vows which will lead to eons of misery.

I hate how this episode reveals the back-half scheduling with everyone split up playing off guest actors, and again no Lauren/Nadia parts to help support what’s coming JUST NEXT EPISODE.

I love how this episode [probably] deals with the back-half scheduling by putting Dyson in another room matching wits with Archer, a criminal who murders through mental manipulation. Archer, of all people, is able to pull out Dyson’s desire not (just) for love, but for family, seen in the way it’s Trick and Kenzi’s need which triggers his anger, and in the way he brings up others’ families. I believe it’s the first time someone uses the word ‘lost’ to refer to him, instead of ‘lone.’ This conveniently sends Kris Holden-Ried out for whatever other shoot he had to be on.

I hate how this episode weirdly ends up simultaneously suggesting sex will lead to intense cuddly feelings and desire for permanence, and sex is no big deal. It gives me whiplash.

Ryan also has whiplash. OF HIS PENIS.

I love many of the shots and setups, including the corny strip mall church murals and of course the proposal backdrop (pictured at top), so slowly revealed and using both Lost Girl‘s ubiquitous graffiti theme and the idea of advertising pushing societal conventions for its own sake. 

I hate how this episode loosely ties Kenzi’s old annoying friend into the ‘obsession’ of the A-plot, telling us to treat a comedic one-off of a character as a ‘stalker.’ If it’s supposed to be the comic flipside to Ryan, it’s not.

What do you think? Love it, hate it, or have a list of your own?

Just, like, you sit over there, and I'll sit over here, and we'll talk.

Stray Observations

The writer, Shelley Scarrow, wrote only one other episode, “Can’t See the Fae-rest.” The way TV writers rooms in shows such as this will often work, an overarching plot is decided, themes and arc trajectory points and character development needs given to each episode, and the writers can create around all that.

Anna Silk’s delivery of ‘I remember getting a bit wet.’ That is all.

3 Responses to “Lost Girl: Season 02, Episode 18, “Fae-nted Love””
  1. Maigray says:

    It’s not one of my favorite episodes, but I like it well enough. One of the major reasons I like it is the billboard shot. I’m a very visual person:) But I did have some problems with the Ryan arc. He was a character I appreciated more after he was gone. I felt as if he was giving Bo, and therefore the audience, a break from the endless drama of her other relationships. He supported her non-alignment and her sex life, which should have been empowered the show’s message about female sexuality. Unfortunately, that was undercut by the negativity that went along with it. He supports Bo…But drops her when she crosses the Dark Fae. He participates in her sex life…But also objectifies their partner. He gets to know her friends…Then demeans them (although I was secretly delighted by the fact that he played Kenzi). It was disappointing.

    • Melanie says:

      The visuals are much more varied than usual, from the fantastic billboard shot, to the church murals, to the wedding, to the Ash’s prison. They definitely snagged a lot of one-time sets for this one. I’m fairly certain the billboard was 100% art direction and props department, but I like to imagine some writer had passed it 1000 times on the way to work and really wanted to lay some smackdown which would go down in TV history forever, amen.

      I like Ryan’s overall doucheness. I think it’s good to have characters like that, in general, because they exist, but also specifically because he initiated a real change in Bo, and she’s at a point where she’s really exploring close friendships and sexual partners for the first time, and part of the bildungsroman is to be wildly affected by your friends and sort out which have a good influence on you, and which don’t. But, yes, the way it ended up playing out shortchanged much of that.

      I do wish he hadn’t been Dark fae, because it just helped hammer that whole light/dark dichotomy home, though I understand how it helped facilitate the lying to Kenzi. I do wish it hadn’t really undercut the female ability to have a casual, long-standing sexual relationship (though I will say him objectifying the third member of the threesome was completely fitting his character, and I would have liked how it was done had Bo objected, or had it later been seen as a point that once she was with Ryan she started mindlessly objectifying men and women).

      This episode abruptly brought all these problems together, then ‘resolved’ Ryan’s arc, somewhat satisfactorily (Bo kicks him to the curb) and somewhat unsuch (many of these problems are never cited, addressed, or acknowledged). I know I keep pounding this drum, but I think Ryan’s arc would have been better understood as this sort of not-evil-but-still-bad if he had been in a 13-episode season, and not a 9-episode one which was also running circles around missing actors. He got curtailed. Compare that to his Gilmore Girls counterpart, Logan, who had quite a while to show his own mindset, his affect on Rory, and his interactions with all other important characters. Imagine if Ryan and Lauren had really been able to interact, or Ryan and Kenzi had been able to have it out, or we could have seen some more of Dyson and Ryan and thus make an observation about the differences in approaches to casual sex and how some people are able to have it, and others not so much, and what nature or nurture or both plays into that.

  2. Little Bad Wolf says:

    This is probably my least favorite episode of s2 though I’m struggling a bit to identify why. Probably because the scene with Bo bound and gagged in the bathtub makes me queasy. That doesn’t mean it was a bad narrative choice but it certainly pushes some of my buttons (insert my own fundamentalist upbringing).

    I’m also a bit curious about Ryan’s reaction to being under Bo’s thrall since in 222 there are a group of Fae under Bo’s thrall but none of them respond anything like Ryan, including Dyson who secretly has his love back. (Speaking of 222, I understand Kenzi wasn’t enthralled so she could break the spell, but why not Lauren? Surely she wasn’t immune to the effects of the Garuda and we know she compartmentalizes a lot of rage.)

    It’s also interesting to me that this is the final catalyst for Bo to break it off with Ryan since Ryan clearly wasn’t acting purely under his own influence, though one can wonder if it changed his character or amplified underlying characteristics that already existed. Part of me thinks the former, in part because of the cuddling reference. I didn’t see that as making fun of a guy cuddling but rather Bo being perplexed at Ryan’s sudden interest when in the past he had made excuses to avoid cuddling. Bo wanted a heal-bang and wasn’t prepared for dealing with a desire for greater emotional intimacy (not to mention wanting him out of the house before Kenzi discovered them).

    I was sad we never sa Ryan again as a guest star and also that he had no interactions with Bo’s other love interests. Even no love Dyson bristles at Ryan’s a Dark Fae presence at the school and Lauren appears completely clueless that Bo is involved with someone at all. Feels like a missed opportunity.

    Best parts of the episode? Anna Silk’s ability to play whatever is asked of her. In 108 she was gritty, raw, and vulnerable. Here she plays regressing to an innocent, sweet, vulnerable version of Bo, maybe what she was more like before her powers kicked in? (I like the version in 303 even better.) However she has lost her memories not her powers so shouldn’t she still be really strong and, uh, snacky?

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