One Week One Band: Brandi Carlile Week Outline

As I mentioned, I was privileged to write about Brandi Carlile for One Week One Band this past week. In its own words, here’s what OWOB does:

Every week, one trusted music aficionado showcases a band or artist he/she feels particularly passionate about. Any artist from any country or decade will do — no rules and no canon. . . . We want to provide a space for an in-depth discussion of why we like the music that we like, where it places in our life and the wider web of musical references, and chronicling the connections we feel towards it. . . . A variety of perspectives and styles is important to us; we don’t subscribe to the idea that the detached intellectual response to music is inherently superior to the emotional one. Standing up for liking what you like is the coolest thing.

For your convenience, here’s the outline of the week, with links and blurbs.

Introductions About the band, about myself, how the week will work.

Pre-Columbia Demos, busking, a formation of sound

Brandi Carlile: Thoughts on a Self-Titled Album

Brandi Carlile: Song by Song

Follow What the opening songs of each album have in common.

The Story Bigger musically, more personal lyrically.

The Story: Song by Song 

“The Story” music video

Technically Wrong but Emotionally Right How The Story‘s production shaped its sound.

On Album Production How each album and its respective sound was made.

Give Up The Ghost An epic album and an interesting liner note omission.

Give Up The Ghost – Song By Song 

Brandi Carlile and Religion

“That Year” 

“Dreams” Music Video

Live at Benaroya Hall Concerts as church and my feelings about live album tracking.

New Arrangements Listening to old songs with new music.

Cover Songs What Brandi covers, and why.

Genre and Gender Bending What does and doesn’t change in Brandi’s covers.

Outreach and Advocacy

Bear Creek Production and Storytelling.

Bear Creek: Song By Song

Collaboration and Genre Bending

“That Wasn’t Me” Music Video

Bottoms Up

Set Lists


Music’s Ubiquity and Many Thanks

Brandi Shredding Guitar

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