Sexuality On Television

As an integral part of the human experience, sexuality should be portrayed in every medium, but how it’s portrayed is complicated. There’s no doubt sexuality on television is a thorny subject. Between network standards, thoughtless objectification, rape culture proliferation, the list of problems go on. 

One of the reasons I’m fascinated by Lost Girl is that, like Buffy, it deliberately uses its medium and genre to celebrate strong women, diversity, sexual agency, and various other happy things. Of course, it’s all to varying degrees of success; it’s not going to be perfect, but it’s going to try, and it’s going to generate dialogue.

Dialogue is important. Dialogue is a key to positive change. Dialogue is necessary. Dialogue can be fun!

To all these ends, I was a guest on Drinks At The Dal for a podcast about Lost Girl and sexuality. Part Two will be out next week, but Part One is right here, right now, for your listening pleasure. Many thanks to Stephanie and Annie for having me.

As you may correctly infer from the podcast being split into two, there was a lot of ground to cover. Even with two episodes, we weren’t able to elaborate on everything as much as we may have wanted to. We did touch on the strong negative impact made by shaming women for sexual desires; I recently reviewed the episode we mentioned, “The Mourning After,” where I talk about this more in-depth.

Of course these podcasts and reviews are hardly the be-all, end-all of the conversation. So please, take a listen, then go to the comment section (either here or on the podcast blog) and let’s talk about what you agree with, or disagree with, or have an entirely different angle on. I’m all ears. 

2 Responses to “Sexuality On Television”
  1. Yeah, in editing the episode, I thought, Oh! I should have said more about this! And this! And this too! But the topics can always be revisited. It’s not like we even scratched the surface in regards to sexual orientation on the show.

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