Bond versus Bond

I was properly link-baited by this post querying If Daniel Craig is Your Favorite Bond, Are You Really True Bond Fan?

The post – and by-and-large the commentors – cite the differences between the suave, sexy, be-gadgeted Connery, Lazenby, Moore, and Brosnan, and the more emotional, brutish Craig. One is tortured with the thought of a lazer severing his most treasured area, the other suffers through the same area being brutally hammered. The majority use these citations as proof Craig’s Bond is Less Good, and certainly Less Bond-ish.

Attribution, I shit you not,

Within the cannon, Casino Royale isn’t so much a reboot as a prequel-in-an-alternate/parallel-universe. Casino Royale is definitively an origin story; with Quantum of Solace and Skyfall, the three-movie arc is supposed to be both a part of the Bond universe and a self-contained trilogy explaining how a physically talented, emotionally vulnerable man transforms into a killing machine with tech toys and no conscience or sense of trust.

If [Skyfall mini spoiler] Bond’s willingness to sneak up on a sex slave and take advantage of her in a shower,* then within hours brush off her death with a comment about scotch, doesn’t show the callous, detached, and occasionally-mostly-duringRoger-Moore’s-era-inappropriately-placed-joke approach of the 60’s-90’s Bond, I don’t know what else possibly could.

*Very intentionally the same place he comforted Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale. Not a location, shot, or frame in Skyfall is unintentional, and that’s a beautiful thing.

Oh yes. Yes, he is.

The absurdity and flamboyance of the villains, the exotic locations, Bond’s devil-may-careness and clothing taste (check the suithe’s wearing in the Skyfall tunnels versus the tux Vesper has to talk him into in Casino), the stakes, the names and clothing sheerness of the femme fatales, everything escalates in the Craig trilogy until it reaches the point any of the original Bonds could conceivably come next without skipping a beat. It’s at this point we wait, with baited breath, to see what comes next.

The iconic Bond is Connery, of course, the most divisive one still remains Lazenby, the bawdy jokester is Moore, the sly cad is Brosnan, but if vulnerable Craig is your favorite, you can still be a true Bond fan. Not that you need some Internet writer’s permission. Do what you will.

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