Is It This Difficult To Write Characters Consistent With Their Own Defining Traits?

He's Not the Brightest Knife in the BoxShows from Cougar Town* to The Newsroom* to New Girl* apparently think it’s endearing to have men whose past and present is almost solely defined as ‘chasing a lot of tail’ but who require assistance/shoving from friends in order to simply talk to attractive women.

These men – who we’re assured have slept with  ‘a Netflix queue’ of hot women and who ruin relationships with hot women in order to sleep with an unending list of other hot women – these men are the ones we’re supposed to believe can’t hit on a tipsy woman at a party, or a cute teacher who is already into them? How did they get said Netflix queue, let alone dozens of ‘if you liked her, you may also like’ recommendations, if not going up to women and speaking to them?

Ugh, the therapy bills this relationship is ringing up.Certainly, some women will come on to men who aren’t making an effort, even shy ones. Unless those men look like this and exude like this, it’s not going to result in a never-ending string of women and a playboy reputation. We all know some people who ‘get a lot.’ They’re the same ones talking to a lot, dancing with a lot, working it a lot, and soliciting a lot. More power to them. Don’t insult them or us by insinuating the studmasters who have some steady girls plus weekly flings on the side are really just shy little boys who get tongue-tied around all the pretty females.

Listen to me, writers. It’s not endearing. It’s not logical or sensical. It’s not manly or any other positive adjective. It’s annoying and inconsistent and ridiculous. If you’re going to give your character a defining trait, you must stick with it. I suppose when the show that is sticking with its characters’ traits gets beat within an inch of its life by the network, it’s not really encouraging. Still, it’d be appreciated for the writers to not treat viewers as imbeciles, and incidentally, for them to get to know their own characters.

I'd get to know these characters. If you catch my drift.

*Yes, I see what the problem is here. Nothing prohibits me from railing a little.

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