Lost Girl: Season 4 Redux

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I was going to write a more thorough breakdown, but then I was invited to talk to Drinks at the Dal in their season overview podcast (which you can watch live this Sunday and/or listen to later). We’re going to talk about structure and pacing and motifs and color and character arcs and all those sorts … Continue reading

The Moral Off-Center: how the sidekicks of #OrphanBlack and #LostGirl are so much more.

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While it might not be obvious at first blush, Orphan Black and Lost Girl have a significant Venn diagram intersection. Even beyond the initial “made in Canada” or “female lead in a SF/F show” or “obsessive tumblr fandom” comparisons, both shows examine—among other things—non-traditional family structures and the inherent difficulty involved in meeting everyone’s emotional needs. … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 4, Episode 13, “Dark Horse”

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If Lorne’s bar were operating in LA right now, there would be literally millions of hits on shitty YouTube phone videos of demons singing, hundreds of people would have their profile pictures of themselves with their arms around Lorne and a goofy smile on their faces, it would be one of the ‘Top Ten Places … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 4, Episode 12, Origin

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Lost Girl has finally snapped my mind like a twig. I have no words. Which of course means I will continue to ramble for several thousand words. Thanks for coming along for the ride. Air sickness bags are in the back of the seat in front of you, just in case. Let’s start with the … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 4, Episode 11, End of a Line

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My Shakespeare professor always said Romeo and Juliet was a story about how poor communication kills romance and people. And what we’ve got here is failure to communicate. Hale never told Kenzi what that pesky little twig did. Kenzi never told Hale she kyped it. Hale never told Kenzi about his ear bleeding. Bo never … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 4, Episode 10, Waves

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Open with one ‘surprise’ opening scene and one fake-out, all before the credits roll. Ah, the credits, where Bo and Kenzi are still the Dynamic Duo to end them all. One day they will be reunited. As with almost every episode this season, at least one cast member is missing; in this case, Tamsin, Hale, … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 4, Episode 09, “Destiny’s Child”

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Welcome to a special post-swap edition of Lost Girl! This week’s review is written by Mike over at NoWhiteNoise, and my review will be appearing there [link to follow]. You can follow Mike on Twitter at @michaelcollado and/or @nowhitenoise! Feel free to comment either place, and be sure and check out Mike’s other reviews.

Lost Girl, Social Media, and the Nature of Bias

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A Cohesive Response Last week, I got a lot of feedback on Twitter. Within my reply page were a lot of people who disliked something I said and who responded by suggesting the review was ‘biased.’ It mostly did feel angry, though some of that can be translation and the medium. Whatever its impetus, it … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 4, Episode 08, Groundhog Fae

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When the ice cream promo was released, I thought it was a clever way to draw new fandom without trying to sum up three years – or even three minutes – of the show’s mythology. Instead of trying to convey ‘she’s a succubus who needs sex to live but was raised without knowledge of the … Continue reading

Lost Girl: Season 4, Episode 07, La Fae Époque

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I don’t know how everyone reacts when a low-budget show does something like this episode. It begins with the cold open, where Dyson is apparently in custody, conveniently skipping the CGI, choreography, and breaking of things that would have theoretically accompanied his hulked-out fight with the Una Mens that the end of last episode suggested. … Continue reading


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